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Type Online entertainment
Location Forest Gate, London E7

9Online is an online entertainment division. It currently produces an on demand web television and online entertainment website by the same name. 9Online showcases music, video games, music videos, collectors wallpapers/pictures and more. 9Online’s popularity manifested so much that it exceed its bandwidth multiple times since it's creation in 2003, the first time being in summer 2004.

9Online is the number 1 viewed Nine Corporation site. It has been described as the centre of the Nine Corp universe. Many new films, shows, and video games debut on 9Online. It became the number 1 platform for exposure for Nine Corpers after it overtook traditional live shows in popularity.

The current 9Online brands include the web channels 9Online 1, 9Online 2, and 9Online Gold, also 9Online Playcenter, and media outlet 9Online Arena.

9Online Brands from the Past;

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