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Clarity is a Nine Music rapper who first appeared on 9Online in 2004. Clarity (previously known as Potent Clarity) is note for being the fastest Nine Music artist to climb the Credibility/Gem System and release a single (3 months after he signed).



Clarity first appeared on the 9Online song ‘Money Irrelevance’. After that he released his debut single ‘Individuality’ which was praised for it lyrical content. Clarity set out on a mini tour to promote the single, he also did some shows on the Nine Anthems Tour.

Then clarity appeared on more 9Online songs by this time he was a Nine Music Headliner. He started teaching school students to rap in Langdon School as part of a youth program. In 2005 he appeared on Nine Taurus’s sophomore album ‘Futile Tears’.

In 2008 Clarity released his sophomore single ‘Money Don’t come’ which signaled the beginning of the new generation of music, and extended his legacy. He then featured twice on the Flip Celebration Album and his image made a cameo in the Responsibilities music video. He then featured on D Darq's Black Ah Kill Black b side song Rhapsody In Darqness, and in 2012 Clarity featured on the Nine Corporation Celebration Album on the track Amazing.

In 2018 Clarity moved into the world of journalism when he began write for The World. He released his 3rd single, More Than A Logo, on 9Online in 2019 to critical acclaim.


Money Don’t Come
More Than A Logo