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Cuthbert 80

Cuthbert 80 (formerly known as Dark Horse) is a singer and rapper signed to Nine Music. He is the only artist ever in the history of Nine Music to both sing and rap.



Cuthbert 80 signed to Nine Music in the year 2000, he was then known as Darnell. His first appearance was on the Nine Taurus debut album ‘The Ninth Wonder of the World’. He then made appearances on the ‘Food Wars Soundtrack’ and the ‘Titans Album’ (then with his name changed to Dark Horse).

Cuthbert 80 made key significant features on the ‘The Hermit Soundtrack’, most noticeable on the song ‘Childhood Memories’, and ‘The Voicemail Album’. By this time he had stared in 3 music videos (Represent, Bad Days, and Childhood Memories) more than any other Nine Music artist other than Nine Taurus.

In 2004 Cuthbert 80 featured on 4 of the 5 tracks on the ‘Why Me Soundtrack EP’. This is when he started his rise as a potential Headliner in Nine Music. These features drew the attention of the Nine Corp World. He then featured on Nine AnthemsFrom The Dirt Came Forth Bread’. This proved to be another significant appearance for Cuthbert 80 due to it’s success.

Cuthbert 80 the featured on every new Nine Music release up until the Great Depression, including Nine Taurus sophomore album ‘Futile Tears’. Cuthbert released his debut single ‘The Things You Do’ to critical acclaim.

Cuthbert featured on the 9Online Volume 3 album released in 2009. He then released his debut album ‘When He Came Around’ also to critical acclaim.

Since the release of his album, Cuthbert 80 has performed in many shows to promote the album. He featured on the Flip Celebration Album and the Nine Corporation Celebration Album. He has also collaborated with Rap Raven on a few songs.



Cuthbert 80 is known for his unique singing style and fashion sense. He is acclaimed for his flexibility, singing and rapping in Soul, Rock, RnB, and Hip Hop song.

His fashion sense is instantly noticeable. He is known to wear fur coats, tight jeans, and random t shirts. He has his iconic long goatee and long straightened hair on display at all times.



The Things You Do (2005)
When He Came Around (2010)