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El Kirbio

El Kirbio was a Nine Music artist who first appeared on the ‘Titans Album’ on the track ‘Infitration’. Since then he has made appearances on ‘9Online’ and Nine AnthemsFrom The Dirt Came Forth Bread’.

El Kirbio went missing for months in 2002. Personal issues plagued his recording career, but he chose to write about this instead of being ashamed of them. He returned to record enough material for his album.

In 2004 El Kirbio released Verbal Overload to critical acclaim. El Kirbio again was missing at the time of the album release. His absence was due to personal issues which he mentioned on his album. The result was one of the most acclaimed releases in the history of Nine Music.

El Kirbio never returned to Nine Music after his second album. Many claimed to have seen him in various locations all over England.


Verbal Overload (2004)