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Hera was a Nine Music rapper who first appeared on the ‘Five Star album'. She is credited for once being the Queen of Nine Music (then Nine Foundation).


Hera was one of the first artists to be signed to Nine Music (along with Five Star). She featured on the ‘Five Star’ album. Soon after that she dropped her debut single ‘Every Day’ to large critical Acclaim.

In 1997 Hera performed at a significant amount of street ciphers and talent shows. She was called the Queen of Nine Foundation in spring 97 after she beat Nine Taurus in a talent show. After featuring on ‘The Linch Mob album' she dropped her second single the ‘Single Biggest Problem On Earth’. The single kept her ahead in the musical rivalry she had with Nine Taurus at the time.

Although Nine Taurus regained the title King of Nine Foundation by the summer, Hera extended her popularity with her featured on D'artanian & Sour Fish’s album ‘Get Darked Up’ and Sirens album ‘Love Hate’.

In 4th quarter 1997 she released her last single ‘F**k All Y’all’ to massive critical acclaim. Hera proved to be a dominating figure in Nine Music rivalling the popularity of Nine Taurus and Five Star. Many called her the 6th member of Five Star (or the 6th Star).
In 1998 Hera and Nine Music separated as part of the events of the Nine Music Crash.


Hera - Every Day (single)
Hera - Single Biggest Problem On Earth (single)
Hera - F**k All Y'all (single)