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Lyricis (born Stephen Horsford) is a rapper and the CEO of GYLE Records. Lyricis is noted for being the first CEO of a Nine Music sub label. He is also the younger brother of Stalker.


Lyricis decided to create an joint album with Big Sirach. Lyricis executively produced the album which would eventually become the ‘Yui Daddy and Lyricis LP’. He then formed a rap group called GYLE.

Lyricis met Nine Taurus through his older brother Stalker. Nine so was impressed with the way Lyricis organised GYLE and produced the ‘Yui Daddy and Lyricis LP’ that he proposed Lyricis create a record label as a subsidiary of Nine Music.

Lyricis called his new label GYLE Records and signed Big Sirach, Crimson Rage, and Adebisi. Since then he and Big Sirach released the follow up to the ‘Yui Daddy and Lyricis LP’ called ‘You Knew It Was Coming’. He has featured on 9Online and on Futile Tears’.


Yui Daddy and Lyricis LP (2003)
You Knew It Was Coming (2004)