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Nine Corporation

Type Media Organisation
Founded 1996
Location London, United Kingdom
Organisations Nine Music, Nine Classics Recordings, NM2, GYLE Records, Nine Pictures, 9Online, Nine Interactive, Nine Universe, 9Technologies
Key People Dean ‘Nine’ Simon, CEO, founder
Operations Music, Movies, Online entertainment, Video games, Character based entertainment, Live Events
Web Site www.ninecorp.com

The Nine Corporation is a media and entertainment organization that also manages and supplies to it's own media community. The Nine Corporation specializes in; music; movies; live events; journalism; programmes; character based entertainment; documentaries; video games; and online entertainment.


The Nine Corporation was created in 1996 when Detanio (a comic, board game, and independent movie organization) and Nine Foundation (a record label) merged under the name Nine Foundation Corporation. Head quarters was initially in White City, London, United Kingdom, but was moved to Forest Gate, London, United Kingdom in 1999.

The history of the Nine Corporation is broken up into generations.

1st Generation 1996-1999
2nd Generation 2000-2008
3rd Generation 2008-2013
4th Generation 2014-present

1st Generation

In this period the Nine Corporation produced 50 products including 20 musical projects and 18 comics. Nine Music (then Nine Foundation) acquired the short lived record label The Unknown, which became the group The Linch Mob (UK hip hop). Nine Corporation Comics had acquired acclaimed local artists.

In 1998 the bulk of Nine Music artists had left the label due to the Nine Music Crash. Nine Music suspended all releases as it begun to build a new roster. Nine Foundation Comics released many exhibition comics that were promoted by tours and events. Nine Pictures (then Nine Foundation Movies) released its first animated short movie ‘Flip Teaser’. The Nine Corporation’s Corporate brand was promoted via events such as video game leagues.

2nd Generation

In this period the Nine Corporation produced 49 products including 22 video games and 23 musical products, and launched ninefoundation.co.uk. Production of comics and board games had officially stopped by January 2000 as the Nine Corporation resurrected its record label as Nine Foundation Music.

The Nine Corporation launched 9Online as a new online entertainment division in January 2003. This new division was the main platform for video games developed by the Nine Corporation.

In 2004 Nine Music (then Nine Foundation Music) acquired GYLE Records (independent record label) and launched Rebellious Records (independent record label). Rebellious Records separated from Nine Foundation Music soon after its first release and collapsed shortly after that. GYLE Records had its first release after a year of management turbulence and continues to be a strong asset to its parent organization.

In the last quarter of 2004 the then Nine Foundation Corporation changed its name to it’s current name Nine Corporation . Nine Foundation Music was changed to Nine Music; Nine Foundation Movies was changed to Nine Pictures.

The Nine Corporation’s activities slowed down considerably from August 2006 to November 2007 (see the Great Depression). Upon it’s return Nine Corporation launched Nine Interactive as a dedicated video games division in December 2007. It then launched Nine Classics Recordings which is a record label focusing on the re-releasing and promotion of Nine Music’s archive. On December 9th Nine Corporation Launched Nine Universe, and NM2 to celebrate it’s return to entertainment.

Ninecorp.com format was updated on January 1st 2008, this brought the new format of 9Online and the launched Ninecorpedia.

In may 2008 the Nine Corporation entered a second period of inactivity known as the Aftershock Depression, although Cuthbert 80 continued to perform at many shows at this time.

3rd Generation

The Nine Corporation returned on November 29th 2008. The Nine Corp Administration immediately contructed Nine Corp Economy to stimulate activity and growth. The Nine Coroporation rapidly expanded in size during this time. On December Nine Music released Clarity's sophomore single ‘Money Don’t Come’ which was the first release since The Great Depression.

The Nine Corp Economy became the primary corporate strategy of the Nine Corporation. Nine Corporation also started to have a larger focus on it’s community by creating a symbiosis with it and Nine Corp personnel. The NCEC was launched in 2009 forming the heart of the Nine Corp Economy and revolutionising Nine Corp activity.

In 2009 the Nine Corporation launched Supershoot. 9Online Arena was launched in 2010 as a new outlet for video games and downloadable media. Prime Jam was launched in 2011 but was rebranded to a live music event in 2012.

Nine Corporation expanded NCN to include blogs with the launch of Moria Shonekan's blog in 2012. The Cacica Film Festival launched in spring 2013 and NCN launched The World. Also in 2013 the Responsibilities music video becomes to the first to use CGI, and Real Music was launched as the 2nd branded ongoing live music event.


4th Generation

In this period the Nine Corporation expanded it's online capabilities. The World expanded heavily via social media introducing Nine Corporation News and the Nine Corporation to new audiences globally. The World's team significalty grew in size and NCN officially became a division.

In 2014 9Technologies was launched and became one of the most important divisions. Nine Corporation's CGI content developed significantly via the releases of the Nine Corp Vision, In My World, and 9Online music videos. All I Want For Christmas Is You is released becoming the first Nine Corporation Christmas song, starting a new Christmas song tradition, and becoming one of the biggest Nine Corporation hits of all time.

Nine Music's releases began to transition into digital format releases. 9Online grew in popularity and size, and facilitated the release of online digital music single releases. Cover videos (non music videos that accompany music releases) became a popular staple for musuc single releases.

Wonder Weekend was launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nine Corporation. The winter season became a busy time in the Nine Corporation and the activities were consolidated into the winter festival Winter Wildness in 2017. Spring Spark Up was launched the following year.

External Relations

The Nine Corporation has maintain relationships with many external bodies. Go to main article External Relations.


Nine Corporation’s existence primary relies on it’s community named the Nine Corp World. This community has allowed Nine Corporation to survive unaffected by the state of the media world.

Nine Corporation has influenced many surrounding organizations, in most cases assisting in the creation and survival.

Divisions and Corporate Structure

The Nine Corporation currently has 9 divisions. The 5 main divisions are Nine Music, Nine Pictures, 9Online, Nine Interactive and Nine Universe.

The Structure for this is shown below;

The Nine Corporation

Historically the Nine Corporation had two other divisions. These included Nine Foundation Comics, and Nine Foundation Live Events. These divisions were later close down as popularity for these division decreased. The Nine Corporation Executive Administration was also a division, but it was later down sized to a team with omni divisional jurisdiction after the arrival of the Nine Corp Economy.

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