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Nine Music

Type Record Label
Record Labels Nine Music, GYLE Records, Nine Classics Recordings, NM2, Rebellious Records (in 2004)

Forest Gate, London E7 (Formerly White City, London W10)

Nine Music is an underground Record Label that has created, and sustained its own music community. Nine Music has produced over 50 musical projects and has provided refreshing underground music to niche markets since 1996. Home to many ingenious artists that include Cuthbert 80 , Nine Taurus, Clarity, Lyricis and Big Sirach, and much more. Nine Music currently releases Rap, Hip Hop, R’n’B, Soul, and Rock music, and it’s record labels are NM2, GYLE Records and Nine Classic Recordings.


Nine Music was founded in September 1996 by Nine Taurus. Nine Music released 20 musical projects between 1996 and 1998. This period is known as the Glory Years. The top artists at the time were Nine Taurus, Five Star, and Hera. Nine Music aquired all of the music artists from is only rival label in the music scene (The Unknown Records), becoming the sole label in it's music scene. Nine Music then suffered a period of inactivity known as the Nine Music Crash in late 1998.

Nine Music released 23 musical projects between 2000 and 2006. Nine Taurus moved the record label to Forest Gate, London. The most popular artists of that time was Nine Taurus, Symbolic, Clarity, and El Kirbio. This time Nine Music was part of a music scene that consisted of over 5 record labels. In 2004 Nine Music acquired and launched GYLE Records and Rebellious Records. Rebellious Records disbanded a year later. In 2007 Nine Music launched Nine Classics Recordings and NM2. A large period of inactivity that ended the entire music scene then took place, known as the Great Depression.

Nine Music recoved from the Great Depression in 2008 as the sole record label in the new music scene it had created (another label recoverd in 2011). Currently the most popular artists Nine Taurus, Cuthbert 80, Clarity and Paro.