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Nine Taurus

Nine Taurus aka Nine Simon is a legendary rapper, producer, director, game designer, writer, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of the Nine Corporation. Nine was born in Leytonstone, East London and grew up in Forest Gate.

Nine Simon is by far the most prolific artist, creator, and leader in all of the communities he has been part of. His creations have and continue to inspire others to develop and promote their talents.


Entrepreneur History

Nine Simon experimented with the idea of developing an organisation to promote his comic characters. He set up informal brands as an outlet to release his creative material. Then in 1995 Nine set up Detanio to continue the promotion of his comics and to facilitate his film production.

In 1996 he created the Nine Corporation (under the name Nine Foundation) as a record label. The label became successful very quickly so Nine merged Nine Foundation and Detanio to create the Nine Foundation Corporation. The Nine Foundation Corporation immediately developed its own community with Nine Foundation becoming Nine Foundation Music and Detanio becoming Nine Foundation Comics and Nine Foundation Movies. During this time Nine launched many events including the video game leagues.

Nine Simon then launched the Nine Corporation Website in 2000 then in 2003 he launched 9Online. Both proved successfully with the 9Online expanding the community to all continents in the world.

In 2004 he aquired and negotiated the lanuch of GYLE Records and Rebellious Records as subsidiaries of Nine Music. In 2007 he created Nine Universe to consilidate and promote Nine Corp's comic character universe. He then launched the Ninecorpedia which quickly became a success providing knowledge of all thing Nine Corp related.

Nine Simon launched SuperShoot in 2009 taking advantage of the growing Nine Corp community. He then launched Prime Jam in 2011 as a social event. He rebranded it in 2012 to become the leading live music event of the community.

Nine Simon expanded NCN to include the blog pages. The biggest and most successful of these is The World which was launched in 2013. In 2014 he launched 9Technologies to provide IT and Media services.


Music History

Nine Taurus stared experimenting with music at 8 years old. He would use a cheep music keyboard and coke bottles for drums to make music. He would record this all on a portable stereo.

Between 1991 and 1995 Nine Taurus recorded many songs and even constructed an album under the name Cool C. Nine met Terra Cassanova (then known as T Bob) in 1992. Nine’s interest in hip hop grew as Terra would play a lot of hip hop videos and songs. This influenced Nine Taurus to rap about what he was experiencing.

In 1995 Nine Taurus’s (then called Death) music took a more serious tone as he began to rap about what he would see and go through. He started to produce songs using Mario Paint and record them on a dictator machine. In late 1995 he recorded and released the song ‘If I Die’, which sparked a music revolution and gave him recognition as a rap artist in his community.

In 1996 Nine Taurus started Nine Music and signed Five Star his new group. Five Star released there debut album or the same name. Nine remained very active after the Five Star album was released by producing 5 singles and featuring on most Nine Music releases. During this time he had a rivalry with Hera, the other dominant artist of the time. This included the 1997 ‘Estate Life’ single which is considered a classic.

In 2000 after the Nine Music Crash, Nine Taurus released his debut album ‘Ninth Wonder of the World’ to large critical acclaim. After that he teamed up with Rap Raven to produce the ‘Titans album’ also to critical acclaim.

Nine featured on many projects after 2001 including the ‘Hermit Soundtrack’. In 2003 he made critically acclaimed (some controversial) songs for 9Online. Songs like ‘Vide-endo’ and ‘Cursed’ were praised for their freshness. In 2004 Nine released Nine Anthems ‘From The Dirt Came Forth Bread’, Nine Music’s most successful project.

2005 saw the release of his sophomore album ‘Futile Tears’. Despite the rocky development, the album was received well, sighting it as his best work. After that Nine released a string of creative 9Online songs and made various appearances on many music projects.

After the Great Depression Nine Taurus featured on many more projects, most noticeably When He Came Around, Flip Celebration Album and the Nine Corporation Celebration Album.



Nine Taurus has been criticised for being to truthful with his lyrics. It is rumoured that he and several friends fell out over the song ‘Cold War’ on The Ninth Wonder of the World. Many people were affended by the lyrics on the 'Rap 4 Me' which escalated to the incident known as the Ninth Wonder East Ham College Hecklers Controversy. A man confronted Nine over lyrics on the song ‘Where Were You’ on ‘Futile Tears’.

Nine has been known to mention internal Nine Music issues in his lyrics. The song 9Online song ‘Tri Gen’ is a prime example.


Nine has also been criticised for his accent. Nine Taurus has a slight New York/St Lucian London Pan Atlantic (or Trans Atlantic) accent which used to be a lot stronger in the 1st Generation. Nine first addressed this on the songs ‘MIB/Jealous Cats’ and ‘Charge’ on the ‘The Ninth Wonder of the World’.


The Ninth Wonder of The World (2000)
Futile Tears (2005)
The Awakening (2016)


Blood (1996)
Bow Down (1996)
Can’t Get Through (1997)
Last Tear (1997)
Estate Life (1997)
Brave Face (1998)
Legend of Nine (2000)
All I Want For Christmas Is You (2014)

As Nine Anthems;
Nine AnthemsFrom the Dirt Came Forth Bread (2004)

Joint Album;
Rap Raven, Nine Taurus – The Titans

Compilation Albums;
Resurrection (Compilation Album 2002)

Movie History

In 1993 Nine started to experiment with his dads video camera. He shot his first movie in 1994 named ‘Firing Flares’. This movie was filmed with no edits and to this day it has been lost and not found. Nine also started to make a few short animations using Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

In 1996 Nine created a ‘WFW Action’ his first complete movie. He followed this up in 1998 with ‘WFW Action; New Generation’. 1999 saw the release of ‘Flip Teaser’ in a screening in New VIc college to critical acclaim, this was his first animated movie.

Nine created ‘Food Wars’ in 2001. This was the first movie he made that was accompanied with a soundtrack album. He then released ‘The Hermit’ in 2002 with the most glamorous night in his move career at the screening.

Since then he has worked on the documentary series ‘EN’ and to original reality sketches. He Directed ‘Political Urban Science’ with Ryan Williams. Nine also created his first cartoon series titled War Toons in 2010. He is currently working on a reality show titled Explorer.



WFW Action (puppetry movie)
Micro Ninjas (puppetry movie)
WFW Action; New Generation (puppetry movie)
Flip Teaser (movie)
Food Wars (movie)
The Hermit (movie)
OffkeyOvision (sketches)
Horse Ass (sketches)
EN: Nine Foundation 2003 (Documentary)
Political Urban Science (Movie)
EN: What Influences Dark Horse (Documentary)
Explorer (reality show)
War Toons (animated episode)
War Toons 2 (animated episode)

Directed Music Videos

Childhood Memories
What Would You Do
Tri Gen
Nine Corp Vision
In My World

Video Game History

In 2002 Nine Taurus experimented with a games engine for video games he wanted to develop for the internet. He made Mushroom Ninja; Lava Caves and released it on Februarys 9Online. In March he released Flip Descent which was hugely critically acclaimed.

Because of the success of Flip Descent, Nine would decide to create this into a game series with a continued story. Nine then developed Lightno and recognised that video games could be used as an avenue for his old comic characters.

Nine would release a new video game every month on 9Online. He created the Mecha Shooter Destiny 5th and the Flip spin off Supeara SC. He also began to release alternative games to his comic based titles like SGP. SGP became the hardest game he ever created and quickly appeared as topics on the 9Online Guestbook.

Allure Spawn of Hell and Flip; Dreagen’s Story were two new titles that were celebrated. Many of Nine’s Later games were the continuation of existing video game series. Last game before the Great Depression was the space shooter Star Extreme.

After the Great Depression released 3 video games in 2 months. Benghazi Blitz,
October Crisis, and Ganigi C.O.W all in first quarter of 2012. All three game were hailed for the use of photo graphics.

Created Video Games

Mushroom Ninja: Lava Caves (2003)
Flip Descent (2003)
Mushroom Ninja: Ice World (2003)
Lightno (2003)
SGP (2003)
Destiny 5th (2003)
Flip Descent 2 (2003)
Lightno 2: Archland Fields (2003)
Flip Descent 3 (2003)
Destiny 5th part 2 (2004)
Flip: Descent 4 (2004)
Mushroom Ninja: Walls Of Fire (2004)
Flip: Descent 5 (2004)
Supeara SC (2004)
Destiny 5th part 3 (2004)
Lightno3: Archland Fields2 (2004)
Mushroom Ninja: Time Maze (2004)
Supeara SC 2 (2004)
Flip: Dreagen's Story (2005)
Allure Spawn of Hell (2005)
Destiny 5th part 4 (2005)
Star Extreme (2005)
Benghazi Blitz (2012)
October Crisis (2012)
Ganigi C.O.W (2012)
Destiny 5th Part 5 (2014)