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Paro is a Nine Music rapper. He first appeared on the ‘Voicemail Album’ doing a non rapping contribution. Since then he has featured on the Flip Celebration Album, Black Ah Kill Black, and The Nine Corporation Celebration Album, 9Online Album Volume 4, and 20 Years.


Paro first featured on the Voicemail album doing a non rapping contribution as he was eager to get involved with the Nine Corporation. He then joined the street team during the Era Of The Three Tours, and starting promoting heavily. During this time he featured in the Vide-endo music video.

In 2009 he starting recording for the new generation music releases. He featured on the Flip Celebration Album and Black Ah Kill Black. He also appeared in the SuperShoot events and started to grow in popularity.

His appearences on the Nine Corporation Celebration Album pushed his profile to a new level as audiences started to identify him as one of the leading artists on Nine Music. Since then he has made notable features on the 9Online Album Volume 4 and the hit 20 Years. Paro made 2 critically acclaimed features on the universally acclaimed third album from Nine Taurus, The Awakening. He featured on Nuke The Nazis, Chill With The Gods For Christmas, Christmas Wish List, Christmas Spirit, and Christmas Lime.