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The East London Underground Rap Scene

The East London Underground Rap Scene is a musical scene that existed in East London between the year 2000 and 2005. This scene consisted of between a 80 to 100 rappers and around 10 organisations.


This scene began when Nine Music and Strength Movement started collaborating on each others musical products. Many other organisations and rappers began collaborating on their projects and then on each others as they had got acquaintances of each other.

At it’s height The East London Underground Rap Scene had frequent shows, music videos, web sites and releases to boast. There was even an united inter-organisational body known as The Circle, dubbed as the UN.


As with many music scenes in the UK, money was not sustainable in the music scene. By 2006 most of the rappers and their organisations shut down due to The Great Depression. Strength Movenment aquired Cataclym artists Marshall Raw and Kaizen in order to continue their music making. Nine Music and Rebellious Records separated effectively ending Symbolic’s contribution to the music scene.


Nine Music recovered in 2008 after the scene ended and effectivly built its own scene as part of the Nine Corp World. Strength Movement with Rap Raven as it's only artist, relaunched in 2011. Along with the artists that perform at Prime Jam, they form part of the current Nine Corp World scene.


Record Labels;
Nine Music
Strength Movement
Cataclysm Records
GYLE Records (subsidiary of Nine Music)
Rebellious Records (subsidiary of Nine Music)
Audio Asylum (production company and entity representing O2 and Goldarlosovich)
Flatline Entertainment
Soul Food

Production companies;
Nine Anthems
Raven’s Nest
Symbolic Soul
Audio Asylum
Mustang Productions
Young Yobo Entertainment