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The Great Depression

(Activity; products, shows, & launches)

The great depression was a period of inactivity that lasted between August 2006 to December 2007. No Nine Corp products were released during this period apart from 9Online music single releases which stopped at the end of January 2007. This period was part of the Third Generation.

All of the Nine Corporation's collaboration partners suffered the same fate, including Strength Movement, Cataclysm Records, Intense Gaming, Low Life Records, and Deal Real just to name a few.

The Great Depression proved fatal for all of the other organisations apart from Strength Movement, who's roster was reduced to 1 artist.


The main causes of this period were down to technical problems which originated just before the release of Nine Taurus second album ‘Futile Tears’. The problems started of with the manufacturing of Nine Music’s CDs. Some of the manufacturing issues were mentioned on the 9Online song ‘Futile Restraint’.

Then Enavrin Studios started to develop problems that stopped all recording’s through this facility and Enavrin Studios was the major recording studio in Nine Music with about 90% of all recording done at Enavrin Studios.

Other issues were a change in economic, living, and psychological conditions of the community. This was especially the case with Nine Corporation's collaboration partners.