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Third Generation

The Third Generation (AKA Tri Gen) is the present generation of the Nine Corporation and began in November 2008 after the successful post Great Depression relaunch and ended in 2014. Nine Corporation put a greater focus on community by organising it's own events like SuperShoot, Prime Jam, and Real Music. It also launched the news blogs Moria Shonekan and The World, with latter becoming one of Nine Corporation's biggest brands. The Nine Corper numbers grew to 45 in 2013, the biggest it has ever been.

Nine Music's roster consisted of artists like Cuthbert 80, D Darq, Paro, and Nine Taurus. The most successfull albums of this generation was Cuthbert 80 - When He Came Around and The Nine Corporation Celebration Album.

Nine Pictures contained brands like War Toons, and Explorer.

Nine Interactive released games like Benghazi Blitz, October Crisis, Destiny 5th Part 5 and Ganigi Cleaning on Wadadi.

9Online became web channels and facilitated the release of the Tri Gen Music Video and War Toons episode 1 and 2.

Nine Universe was launched and consolidated all of Nine Corporation's Character franchises. The character profiles for most of it characters were also launched.

NCN launched Moria Shonekan Blog and The World.