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Tri Gen Music Video

The Tri Gen Music Video is the video to the song, Tri Gen, from the 9Online Album Volume 3. The video is noted for being the first Nine Corp video to use green screen technology.

The music video stars Nine Taurus and features cameos from Cuthbert 80, Paro, Z Canzer, Rap Raven, Leesa Myrie, Melissa Emanuel, and Natalie Mathurin.

It was considered Nine Corp.'s most extravagant video at the time of release due to the super imposed backgrounds, glamorous models, and luxury SUV scenes. There are shots of a BMW X5 carrying Nine Taurus, Paro, and Z Canzer, driving in front of the Skycrapers of Canary Wharf, London. The final scene was shot in the Nine Corp Lair.