New Downloadable Image Supporting The BLM Protests

You Must Be Anti Racist

The Nine Corporation has just released a downloadable image to support the Black Lives Matter protests. Nine Taurus said he was personally investing in making sure this message went out in support of the movement.

On May 25th 2020 George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed by 4 police officers in Minneapolis. This sparked protests all over the world against police brutality on black people and to end the systematic white supremacy which is plaguing the world.

Click the thumbnail to view the image.

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Nine Comments On US Protests


“I truly hope that this time, the US government listens to its citizens.” Nine Taurus states “The systematic racism that African Americans have been subjected to for centuries needs to come to an end.”

During a phone call, Nine was supposed to talk to us about upcoming projects, but instead he had the this on his mind.

“The horrific murder of George Floyd may have sparked these protests, but these issues were identified in the civil rights protests, documented in Hop Hop songs, and documented in films for decades and now I think they have had enough. No one has been listening for decades, and the struggles documented in hip hop has been turned into trends. They have had enough.”

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Lockdown Lime


During this lockdown, it is important to keep sane by switching it up. So when entertaining yourself with the massive content available on, be sure to check out 9Online Gold and 9Online 2, as well as playing all of the new content on 9Online. It will be a very entertaining journey starting from the oldest songs.

Or, you can try what has become popular lately, which is listening to the clips of the songs from the released albums and singles, available in the Nine Music site or on Playcenter.

This new lockdown lime will definitely keep you entertained throughout the lockdown. So have fun.

An article by Brad Lo

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Spring Spark Up Web Surge


This years Spring Spark Up has produced the highest surge in web views yet. The current lockdown has likely assisted in the surge, as more users were at home to focus on the event than ever before.

The releases are still on 9Online to enjoy and you can access them via the below links.

Click here to view the Spring Spark Up Show.
Click here to listen to Numbers.
Click here to listen to Piye All Day.

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