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The Awakening Still Doing Well


Nine Taurus‘ third album, The Awakening, is still doing well despite the lack of promotion. Nine Taurus did mention that videos would be produced to promote the album, however, none has been created to date.

Nine Taurus said that he will start to promote the album as soon as he notices a dip in momentum.

You can get The Awakening from any Nine Corper and you can listen to clips from the album by clicking here.

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Man Lacking In Nine Corp Albums Urinates On A Bus


A man, who clearly does not own any Nine Corp music albums, has made a fool of himself by urinating on a London bus this afternoon.

An onlooker mentioned “He wouldn’t of done that if he had bought an album” in reference to an ongoing joke amongst Nine Corpers.

Passengers moved away from him in disgust. Surprisingly there were no screams even as the discharged liquid flowed down the right floor of the upper deck.

Eventually the man left the bus, which left many questions as to the actual function of the security camera on the top deck, as the driver did not stop to address the situation.

Maybe if he was smart enough to buy an album he would of been smart enough to know not to have a piddle on public transport.

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Corper’s Prefer The Cyber World Over Shows

Cyber-World Jan 15

In this modern age of smartphones, tablets, and internet access everywhere, amongst all the gossip it became apparent that Nine Corpers felt more comfortable getting the Nine Corp experience from the cyber world. They were very rarely present at the Nine Corp Shows last year, but they were very active online.

The Nine Corporation has acknowledged this and officially said they are looking at ways of accommodating both environments, as the successful shows have created a surging new audience.

We have gotten used to the high cyber numbers ever since started to get 30,000 views a month back in autumn 2013. Commercial sponsors are corporate advertisers have become common place on the site and The World.

Does this mean we expect to see overweight and unfit Corpers in the future? Lol. That will provide great material for my articles. Watch this space.


Bigger and Better 9Online Is More Popular


It’s official the new bigger 9Online is considered better by the Nine Corp World, and not just slightly better, but substantially better. With 24 videos being available, new audiences are pretty much spoilt for choice.

The expanded real estate of the of the 9Online pages have also been praised for it’s ease of use. Nine Taurus mentioned that there are expansions planned for 9Online Arena and Playcenter, but not dates have been confirmed yet.

The bigger and better 9Online does a better job of showcasing Nine Corporation’s vast catalogue of Music, Movies, and Shows. Nine Pictures said they will be broadcasting new programming as well as facilitating re-runs of classics.

Check out what everyone is talking about on the Bigger and Better 9Online by clicking here now.


In My World Music Video Progress

World-In-Hands Jan 15

Everyone has been waiting of the long awaited In My World music video for a long time. Nine Taurus has ensured us that this is still in development and mentioned that there are a lot of delicate details that have been adding time to the post production of this project.

“Everything will become clear when the video is released. You will all love it.”Nine commented at a gathering yesterday.

The song In My World from the 9Online Album Volume 3 is currently playing on 9Online.