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Nine Talks About His Most Successful Artists


Many incredible artists have blessed Nine Music with incredible wonders. Nine Taurus recently sat down with The World team to talk about the most successful artists.


At a time when Nine Taurus was dominating, Hera was the only other artist who could rival him. She released singles that made her a headliner, before the term was used in the Nine Corporation. “She was really special” Nine adds at a party. “If we had the technology back then that we have now, I think people would look at UK rappers differently.”

Cuthbert 80

He was just featuring on projects for a while until he released his debut single in 2005. Cuthbert 80 was the only artist performing during the Great Depression. He then released his debut album in 2010 and continued to tour the performance circuit. “His album helped to resurrect the Nine Corporation after the Great Depression. Everyone new he had something special.”


He was one of the leading artists mid Sec Gen when he released the Truth Of Light, the album projected him to headliner status. He frequently performed at shows during a time when most artist were trying to get in a music video so they could be seen on satellite television. “His potential kept growing monthly. If he didn’t have to deal with some serious life challenges, who know where would be now.”

An unanswered question that lingers is, if they could take advantage of how great the Nine Corporation is right now, how would their talents fair.

Who knows…

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Nine Corp’s Transformation


It is amazing how Nine Corporation has transformed from a street record label to a global media organisation. Those who have been following the Nine Corporation since 1996 will remember how rough and crazy the organisation, then known as the Nine Foundation, was. The rough times caused the Nine Music Crash, but when the Nine Corporation emerged, it boasted a website, releases on CDs, and polished movies and music videos.

The website became the heart of the Nine Corporation in 2003 when 9Online was launched. In fact, 9Online became the heart of the entire music scene as a lot of the top releases were on that platform. The Nine Corporation was completely different from the early years, its name officially changed from the Nine Foundation in 2004 as its operations resembled a corporation. The Nine Corporation Executive Administration was at full strength during this time, plus GYLE Records and Rebellious Records were releasing their debut products. This was a very exciting time especially after the release of Futile Tears and Nine Anthems – From The Dirt Came Forth Bread, as well as the Era Of The Three Tours, but then the Great Depression struck.

Everyone thought the Great Depression would be the end of the Nine Corporation, however, Nine Corporation did the unthinkable, and emerged in 2008. This time, the Nine Corporation had transformed again. The revolutionary NCEC was launched to be at the Heart Of The Nine Corporation’s Community, and 9Online was expanded. There were a series of big releases, like When He Came Around, War Toons, and The Nine Corporation Celebration Album, however, when The World was launched in 2013, it changed the Nine Corporation forever. The World helped to expand Nine Corporation’s reach to every corner of the globe, via social media.

Then followed the release of the Christmas songs, the monster release of The Awakening, and the festivals, and the rest was history….

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Spring Spark Up Round Up


So that happened. It is evident that people will not stop talking about Spring Spark Up for a long time. Is this the best Spring Spark Up we’ve had so far? Probably, so let go through it.

Spring Spark Up Show

It all kicked off with the show. All fears that the current mix would sound samey was put to rest when we were reminded of exactly what was released last year. Then the announcements came. New singles coming from The Real Anne-Marie and Clarity, and there is a new show coming from Nine Pictures. These are exciting times. Then the retro mix finished the show off which didn’t disappoint.

Kindness Is A Weakness

The second release from the Ninth Wonder Brolic is a smash. For those who do not own the album, this was a welcome surprise when it was announced, and the streams certified the appreciation for this song now ir’s been released. Although the original was released over 20 years ago, this Brolic’d version of the song sounds so fresh.

Ride The Wave

This was the main event, and it lived up to it, or maybe even surpassed it. Ride The Wave has captured the mood of the current times. It is a dreamy relaxing song, however, it is also motivating and exciting, which is hard to do. Nine Taurus provided the right Nine Anthems beat to go with the outstanding lyrics and chorus. This song will definitely survive the ages.

Fortunately for everyone all of the Spring Spark Up releases are still on 9Online. So keep the Spark Up Feeling by clicking the below links.

Click here for Spring Spark Up Show.

Click here for Kindness Is A Weakness.

Click here for Ride The Wave.

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Nine Remembers The Hera Vs Nine Taurus Rivalry


During the Glory Years there were many incredible Eras. But one of the most epic was the musical rivalry between Nine Taurus and Hera. This was a time before social media and before Nine Corporation had a web presence. Nine took a moment to stop by and talk about the legendary rivalry.

“At the time I didn’t realise it was a special era as for some reason you don’t realise it until you reminisce. We actually had a personal rivalry, within our relationship, which played out in every reply track.” Nine Says. “Many time I would come out the train station and people would say, have you heard the Hera track? You got killed. I would then listen and record an indirect response track, then meet her afterwards for a date.”

“Nine Corp’s recording equipment back then was primitive, but that seemed to add to the occasion as the recordings captured raw emotion of the songs. You would hear moments where Hera stamped on floor in anger in the songs, as she would literally record after we had an argument.”

It is generally agreed that Nine Taurus won the rivalry when he released Estate Life, although there were no direct or indirect responses to Hera in the song.

The rivalry generated much excitement in the community and helped to make that time more successful. It is doubtful that there will be another occasion like that again, even though the Freshface and Brad Lo rivalry was pretty interesting, but in this much more capable and global era, it is often good to look back on moments like these.

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Remembering The End Of The Great Depression

Memories Mar 28th 21

The Great Depression was a horrible time, but not just for the Nine Corporation, dozens of organisations never recovered from this period. When the Nine Corporation recovered in 2008, it was a special time of hope and promise similar to when it recovered from the Nine Music Crash in the year 2000.

One artist, Lifer, stood out at that time for his energy. He was a new artist and his hunger for music helped the Nine Corporation rebuild from the Great Depression. Money Don’t Come was the first release after Nine Corp returned. Clarity’s sophomore single did will to let audiences know that Nine Corp was back, including the bonus track Our World, which eventually out shone the single. It helped to launch the NM2 sub record label and reminded people why Clarity was a headliner.

The Release The 9Online Album Volume 3 was a big deal as it brought back the vibe and energy that existed just before the Great Depression. All of the new Nine Corpers could see the level that they needed to succeed. This was at a time when the Nine Corporation’s former partner organisations and groups were completely decimated and it looked like Nine Corp was making one last ditch effort to return.

Then 2010 came and all doubt disappeared after a string of monumental releases. War Toons Episode 1 was released on 9Online and smashed previous view records, The Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition brought Nine Taurus’s debut album to a new generation and, When He Came Around would propel Cuthbert 80 into Nine Corp stardom.

After that, there was no doubt that Nine Corporation had returned with a vengeance. The following years would see the release of the epic Nine Corporation Celebration Album, and the rest would be history….

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Nine Taurus On Fire During Lockdown


For many, this pandemic has been filled with doom and gloom, and there is no doubt that it has touched everyone. However, the Nine Corporation, and specifically Nine Taurus, has been doing very well during this period.

Although activity has slowed down for most, Nine Taurus has taken this opportunity to remind everyone why he is such a prolific rapper and producer. Other than Christmas Lime, every release in 2020 was a Nine Taurus release. The 3 stand out releases were of course The Real Pandemic, Rise Up, and The Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition 2, all of which has helped the Nine Corporation to have a great and productive year.

While the pandemic prevented Nine Corpers from meeting up, and for Nine Music artists to meet up and record, Nine Taurus fully utilized Nomad Studios to produce some classics. Many Nine Corpers have been inspired by these releases and it is speculated that there will be a surge in activity once the lockdown is over.

Click here to listen to The Real Pandemic.
Click here to listen to Rise Up.
Click here to listen to listen to The Ninth Wonder Of The World audio clips.

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Happy New Year!!

Happy 2021

The Nine Corporation would like to wish everybody a happy new year. Although 2020 has been a great year for Nine Corp, it has been a tough year for many, but 2021 will be a year when things will get better all and will be a new beginning for many.

There are many great things planned this year including the traditional Remember season releases to kick the year off right.

Things to look forward to in 2021

Remember 2020
Legend Of Nine (Brolic Version)
Spring Spark Up 2021
Wonder Weekend 2021
New single from Anne-Marie
New Single from Paro
New Album from D Darq
Ill Chords Wine Broads music video

There are many more things planned for the year, and the Nine Corporation plans to reboot the start to this decade properly. We are also looking forward to the end of the restrictions so that we can see Nine Music artists perform again.

So, we hope everyone has a happy new year and everyone stays in touch with all of the wonders the Nine Corporation has in store for 2021.

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Ninecorpedia’s Chronological List Of Products


The incredible Ninecorpedia has many amazing pages, but one of the pages is constantly listed as one of the most viewed pages in the encyclopedia. This page is Project Listings Nine Music Chronologic. This is where you can view the list of Nine Music releases in chronological order.

However, the other chronological lists of products pages are highly viewed also. The Project Listings Comics, Project Listings Movies, and Project Listings Video Games are amazing sources of information and are among the highest viewed pages in the Ninecorpedia.

Click the links below to go to the Ninecorpedia pages.

Project Listings Comic
Project Listings Movies
Project Listings Nine Music chronologic
Project Listings Video Games


The Masterpiece That Is The Awakening


People cannot stop talking about Nine Taurus’s 3rd album, The Awakening, and with momentum not slowing down, it is fast becoming Nine Music’s most successful album of all time.

So how did this happen? The album was released in 2016 and wasn’t promoted much, however, initial reactions affirmed that the album was a classic. Word of mouth spread and interest in the album started to build. It seemed that Nine Taurus had done the impossible, created an album better than Futile Tears. Nine said that for this album, he wanted to celebrate a new beginning in his life and address unanswered questions.

But no one would expect it to turn out the way it did. He’s lyrics, flow, and vocal delivery are on a completely higher level, and his production on the album has produced a timeless sound. This is the reason the album still sounds fresh nearly 5 years after it’s release. Nine Taurus also proved that he is able to effortlessly rap over so many different styles of production, as well as being able to produce them.

The album also answers many questions that have been asked of Nine. Everything from his journey to his currently amazing life, to the tragic depression highlighted on Futile Tears, to the artist he used to work with, all questions were addressed, and the listeners are compelled to join him on the celebration of his new beginning in. The Awakening also contains a lot of controversial content with many people speculating who his lyrics were aimed at.

With every new single release, interest in the album is renewed and it seems to breathe new life into the album. Then with more releases and music videos planned, the wave that The Awakening has created does not seem to be going away any time soon. If anything, it seems that the momentum of the album will increase, and continue to spread globally.

Many have called The Awakening Nine Taurus’s Thriller. It is hard to see why they are wrong about this masterpiece.

An Article By Brad Lo