Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cuthbert 80 Posts HYCAEI Photos On His Page


Cuthbert 80 has posted photos from last weekends Have Your Cake And Eat It. You can see some very dynamic pictures of the man himself doing his thing.

He has also posted images of one of his great loves, TGV trains. You may remember him dancing in front of an image of this train in the Tri Gen Music Video. He expressed great joy when realizing the the TGV was in the background.

Tri Gen Music Video Now On 9Online

Tri Gen

The Tri Gen Music Video is now playing on 9Online. This was the first single from the 9Online Album Volume 3 and features Nine Taurus. The video has cameos from Cuthbert 80, Paro, Z Canzer, Melissa Emanuel, Natalie Mathurin, Leesa “Honey Lee” Myrie, and associate Rap Raven.

Flip Commissioned To Promote Tri Gen Video Premier


The Nine Corp mascot has been active on Facebook promoting the online premier of the Tri Gen music video on 9Online tomorrow.

Flip, who was created by Nine Simon, has been used to promote Nine Corporation activities since 1995. The mascot was lately used to promote Nine Corp’s big weekend of Have Your Cake And Eat It and Prime Jam. So you can expect the Tri Gen Premier to be big.