Monthly Archives: June 2013

Kindness Is A Weakness on 9Online Gold, On Saturday


Kindness Is A Weakness, the single from Nine Taurus’s first album will play on 9Online Gold on Saturday. The album and single was released in the 4th quarter winter 2000 and generated a large buzz as it presented a sound the community had never heard before.

Nine Taurus reflected on the release of the single after going to the cinema last night. “It was recorded at at a time when I still resented the Council Estate environment and the pain it caused to me and my friends. I remember wanting the passion of the song to be mayhem with sentimental sorrow.”

The Legend of Nine is currently playing on 9Online Gold.

2 Prime Jams In One Month


Is this the sign of things to come or is this just a one off? As the event goes from strength providing some of the best entertainment you are ever likely to see in London, I wonder if having 2 Prime Jams in the month is the way to go?

Nine Corporation also debuted the new branded event, Real Music, at the beginning of the month. So officially this will be the third Nine Corp Event this month. Very busy times indeed.

I would love to see more Corpers contributing to the action on stage. D Darq has his single, Anne Marie is working on her debut single, Clarity hasn’t performed since his tour and also Nine Taurus who seems semi retired.

That said the entertainment is great as it is and I cannot see a reason why more would be bad at the moment.

Amazing Prime Jam


Prime Jam provided another amazing night thanks to the amazing acts and the always entertaining host, the Boy From Waganda. The excellent performances were from Linda Landers, Julie Phoenix and Remi F, Eiko Itoh, Georgia Patterson, Zoe Hazel, Afrix, Feen, and Love Rocket.

The next Prime Jam is on June 27th.

Nine Working On Video Game With Z Canzer


Nine Simon is working on the same video game that Z Canzer is working on. There is currently no news of what the game will be about, but stay tuned for more info.

Nine also hasn’t mentioned anything about the extremely long awaited Destiny 5th part 5 video game.

Nine Interactive video game Ganagi C.O.W is sill available to download on 9Online Arena. Click here to play.