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People Who People Thought Were Corpers….. But Were Not


The Nine Corporation has collaborated with many great people, but some of these people have been mistaken for Nine Corpers when in fact they were not. We have a look at the most talked about people.

Rap Raven

The biggest question asked is “where is Rap Raven on the cover of Nine Corp Celebration Album”. Answer….He has never been a Nine Corper. For those who remember Rap Raven ran SIN Movement (now Strength Movement). In 2001 he and Nine Taurus produced the Titans Album which got the Nine Music and Strength Movement rosters together on one album. He has been Nine Corporation’s number 1 ally since the year 2000.

Marshall Raw

Largely due to his feature in the Mayhem video, but also for his many other features on Nine Music release. Marshall Raw actually used to run Cataclysm records back in the second generation era.

Daniel Joseph

Many have asked when Daniel Joseph would make his first Nine Pictures film. Daniel Joseph was never a Nine Corper even though he co directed the Child Hood Memories Video.


A long time ago when he featured on the Ninth Wonder of The World and the Food Wars Soundtrack, many people were surprised he did not feature on Infiltration from the Titans Album. Eloquence was never a Nine Music artist and he actually ran his own record label titled Ingenuity Complex.

Nine Comments On The State Of Hip Hop


Nine Taurus comments on the state of Hip Hop while promoting the 9Online V3 Album at a picnic yesterday. “I think Hop Hop is great right now. There is some really great music being made by Roc Marciano , Action Bronson, Durag Dynasty, Planet Asia, Willie The Kid, Joey Badass, Alchemist and a lot of other great artists. Then you hear the Nine Corp Celebration Album, 9Online Album Volume 3, Black Ah Kill Black, and the Flip Celebration album, and all you can think is that we are just spoiled for good Hip Hop. There is now a distinct difference between Real Hip Hop and Pop Rap, and I love it.”

The 9Online album Volume 3 is available from any Nine Corper and the Tri Gen Video is playing on 9Online.

Elysium Accused Of Being Too Similar To Destiny 5th Brand


The new Hollywood film Elysium has been accused for having a plot setting too similar to the Destiny 5th story by a crowd at a party in Edmonton last night. Destiny 5th, which debuted in 2003, became instantly popular when released on 9Online. Nine Interactive has not made any comments on this as yet.

The last game in the series, Destiny 5th Part 5, will be released on the 31st.

Corpers Attend Stalker’s & Lyricis Annual Grand BBQ


Despite the atrocious whether, many Nine Corpers still attended the Stalker and Lyricis’ Grand BBQ in Forest Gate yesterday. The Corpers in attendance were, Stalker, Lyricis, Nine Taurus, Cuthbert 80, Adebisi, Moria Shonkan, Leesa Myrie, and Melissa Emanuel. Also in attendance were Prime Jam host The Boy From Wakanda and rapper artist Rap Raven.

Nine Taurus was spotted wearing a t-shirt with all the flags of the West Indies which contained the same Divine Line logo as the 9Online and Nine Corp Celebration Album t-shirt. Is the Divine Line a new clothing line?

The picture is a throwback wallpaper from 2006.

D Darq Shrinks

D Darq1

D Darq has been making great progress on his 90 day weight loss challenge. He has lost over a Stone by drinking BODY by VI shakes. D Darq has released a statement regarding his incredible progress.

“Wha Gwan fellow Corpers, its me D.Darq, soon having to change my name to D.Light


While i been loosing wack rappers, weak ass producers and record stables (yes stables,not labels) for trying to be and release wannabe gangsters and pimps in my favorite hiding place, SPACE, i also lost 17lbs of weight!!! And just like those disgusting fore mentioned musical miscreants, the weight will stay far far far away from me, with more to send to land on the heads of the WACK.


Looking good, feeling more energy, and this is just the beginning, and NO exercise, thats right, none, just taking the shake twice a day.  After this 90 day challenge i will start another one to use BODY by VI to build lean muscle.  So watch out, cos y’all wont hear me coming anymore, just POW, lights out, struck by Darqness, and when they look for me, i’ll just hide behind Victoria Beckham LOL.  I will keep you all posted on my journey, I’m off to have a cup off my Body by Vi fat eating shake, and continue producing and writing those classics, who’s with me on the journey?  Peace”

The next time you see D Darq on stage you may not believe it is the same person who rocked the crowd at the Nine Corporation Celebration Album Launch Party. It appear that music is not his only talent. Check out his single Black Ah Kill Black and Body by Vi.

Nine Corporation Celebration Album Quotes


The Nine Corporation Celebration Album is quickly becoming the album of the generation. There are many quotable lines from the album, so lets go through some of the most quoted.

Cuthbert 80 – Shame “Pretentious, is that what they think of me, fine/ at least my lyrics don’t resemble camel urine”

D Darq – Huned Percent “I roll with veterans, success is hurting ya folks/ envy till you turn Kermit a Hulk.”

Nine Taurus – Nine Corp Vision “Corp World lives the Nine Corp Vision and they deem/ It’s better than the American Dream.”

Anne Marie – Shame “You can never be like Anne Marie/ Nine Corp Glory!”

Cuthbert 80 – End Of The Wet S**t “Watch as we bowl through and burn all theses pricks/ it’s the dogs dangly bits/ and we’ve come to take huge chunks, not pieces/ my flow is good, it’s not feces.”

Paro – New Generation – “New gen new artists please/ the last release a master piece/ no limit, Master P Uhhh!/ you must agree skills cost a fee/ pissed like a drug dealer lost a key/ Paro the mystery/ underground like the worlds missed black history.”

Nine Taurus – Rare Breed “Commercial Rappers are waste/ they mistake cum for tooth paste.”

Rap Raven – Age Of The Big 3 “While our Rivals had their heads in v****as/ we were schooled as web designers/ our competition was bumming hoes/ where on a mission running shows.”

Nine Taurus – Software House “S**t game companies should have their games stuck so far up their a** it stains there teeth/ should be ashamed of yourselves your f***ing cheefs/ graphic tarts/ lingering like farts.”

Paro – 9Online “Accumulate figures, till the beat close/ we’re never defeat, like tip toes get it

Check out the site for the album. I’m sure there are more that people wish to highlight. If you have any that you think I have missed, leave a comment.

Destiny 5th Part 5 Trailer


Nine Interactive has launched a trailer for the upcoming video game Destiny 5th Part 5. The game is the first Nine Interactive game with FLV (full motion video) and features voice acting from Anne Marie and Nine Taurus. Z Canzer worked on the stage artwork.

Click here to see the trailer.

Destiny 5th Part 5 will be released on 9Online Arena on August 31st. Ganigi is still available to play until then.