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Flip Taunts Make A Return


The official Flip Facebook page posted an image yesterday of Flip making a statement about a current entertainment topic. Nine Universe confirms that this is a return of the Flip Taunt pictures that started back in 1995 when Flip was created.

Many of the early Flip images were controversial and made references to the current affairs of the local community. It now appears the focus has been widened.


Great Performances At Prime Jam


Last nights Prime Jam provided some of the best and most unique performances yet. The incredible artists of that night were Alessandro Ciminata, Zoe Hazel, Flaviyake, Frankane Campbell, Akayzia, Rap Raven, Luca Di Fabio, and Afrix. The event was again hosted by the The Boy From Wakanda who did a great job of entertaining the crowd.

Nine Corporation has stated that the pictures will be available on the site soon.


The World’s 100th Post


It’s hard to believe it was only launched in March. Now 6 months later The World reaches 2500 people per post and has produced 100 posts. It has become NCN’s biggest brand and has become a staple for the growing Nine Corp World.

We would like to thank everyone who has been reading and experiencing The World. We pledge to continue giving you the latest news, gossip, rumours, and topics from the Nine Corp World.

From The World news team.

Nine Simon, Freshface Etienne, Alani Rivera, Moria Shonekan.


Nine Taurus’ Biggest Fails


Nine is has had many successes with the lucrative Glory Years, Era Of The Three Tours, and now The World appears to be putting Nine Corp on the footing of a third great glorious era. Although he may be the CEO and the most popular Corper ever, but everything hasn’t always gone to Nine’s plan. Lets have a look at his biggest Fails.

Ninez Nation – After the Nine Music Crash Nine Taurus assembled this group to be the new Five Star. Instead the group never recorded a single song and disbanded in the year 2000.

The Infiltration Music Video – The most anticipated Nine Music music video never occurred because most of the artists didn’t turn up. There were apparently many humorous excuses given by the failing Nine Corpers. One had to bake bread at work, another forgot to book time off work even though they were given notice, and one even thought forgot what day it was when he woke up.

Street Showcase – Nine attempted to have Nine Corps answer to TRL. The show would have played on 9Online in 2003. The problem is nobody turned up.

Tri Gen (Attempted 3rd Generation) – Back in 2005, Nine Taurus felt it was the right time to restructure the Nine Corporation into the 3rd generation. He made songs (like Tri Gen) and initiated a large advertising campaign. Unfortunately that failed badly as the entire community entered the Great Depression.

Chrome – A highly anticipated new character and comic book was planned in 1999. The cover made everyone crave for it’s release, but that never happened.

The Food Wars Soundtrack – As Nine pointed out on the song “Tri Gen”, the Food Wars Soundtrack was a flop. It never lived up to the hype of the represent music video and it received many negative reviews. Nine’s executive skills bounced back however with the Titans Album and The Hermit Soundtrack.

Revenge; The Hate Brothers 2 – The supposed to be follow up to the critically acclaimed Hate Brothers comic book. The cover was enough to generate absurd amounts of hype. It’s a shame that Nine never finished it.

The Great Tragedy – Yes this is Nine’s biggest Fail. Due to the he junior skills as a CEO in the 1st generation, he never kept a central archive of NineĀ  Music’s product. So upon the events of the Nine Music Crash there was no way to retrieve the masters. This still appears to be a touchy subject for Nine. I guess that why the Gold Bar is promoted.


26,000 Hit’s On

The Nine Corporation website has received 26,301 views this month so far. Last months views were 24,337. The Nine Corporation has put this growth of views down to Destiny 5th Part 5 and the expanded reach of The World.

“The look of the has always been one of our strong points. Ever since Carl Andrews put up theĀ  spinning globe on the main page we have received huge amounts of praise.” Nine adds. “Destiny 5th Part 5 and The World have drawn many new audiences. I want to thank everyone for viewing”