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Real Music Lived Last Night

Poster Oct24

Last nights Real Music provided some great performances. The excellent artists were The Side Guy, Andy Mirror, Robert Carbonaro, Red, Akayzia, Georgia Patterson, Frankane Campbell, Afrix,, and Luca Di Fabio. This was a night of blood, sweat, and tears of joy that will be remembered.


Nine Taurus Planning The Next Video


Nine Taurus said that he is putting the plans together for the next music video. Over a phone call yesterday he mentioned that he was pleased with the positive reaction that the Responsibilities music video received. “This is just one of the reasons I want to shoot many more videos.” Nine Comments “Videos add a new dynamic to the music and I want to continue to make history.”

Nine also replied to comments that were made about the one eye woman in the Responsibilities video ‘twerking’. “I planned to put that in the video way before it became a big thing in the media. West Indians have been doing that for years and it was never called twerking.”


Responsibilities & Tri Gen On All New 9Online


Responsibilities and Tri Gen music videos will be available on the all new 9Online on launch day. More content will be revealed in the coming days. The all new 9Online will launch on November 3rd.

There are rumors that there will be some non-Nine Corporation content on the all new 9Online. Nine Taurus has not commented on this as yet.


CGI Revolution?


Are we experiencing a CGI revolution within the Nine Corporation? We first saw Nine Corporation’s CGI development with the release of Ganigi C.O.W in February 2012. Then we witnessed the incredible album cover of the Nine Corporation Celebration Album in September 2012, which is still talked about now. Next was the CGI revamp of all of the available Nine Universe character profiles and Flip’s Facebook page also got a make over.

Now we have the most extravagant music video yet in the shape of the Responsibilities music video. CGI is here and very active in the Nine Corporation and things are indeed very exciting. I am interested to see what comes next as we are entertained by the Flip Taunt series.

This is definitely a revolution in my opinion and, I believe that the 2D and paper designs will be fazed out for the new slick CGI production.

The revolution does not appear to be exclusive to CGI. With 34,000 views on, 2,500 view pare post on The World, and 2 live music shows a month,  these are exciting times and I am happy to be part of this era.