Monthly Archives: November 2013

Lasts Night Prime Jam Was A Unique Jam


Last night’s Prime Jam provided some very unique performances. The artists of the night were Ti Bio, Red, Walker, Rosey and The Friday Night Arch1 Jazz Artist. Towards the end of the night Red and Walker joined in the Jazz Artists, which provided an grand performance. This was the first time Prime Jam and the Jazz artists did a joint night and it seems like this will be the sign of thing to come.

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5th And Final Flip Taunt Image

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The last Flip Taunt image of the series is now available. Click the above image to view.

This image is taken from a tradition of Holland where people paint there faces to look like Black Pete. This tradition has recently been surrounded with controversy as many have been offended by it.


The All New 9Online Is Now Available


The new 9Online web television site has now been launched. You now get to view more web content at a higher video quality and you can now view them all in full screen.

Click here to view

In the future,  tv series and films will air on 9Online from Nine Pictures and third party creators. At the moment you can view the Responsibilities music video, the Tri Gen music video and Nine Corp Vision song on 9Online 1. Borrowed Time, Glorious and the Ninestien/Mayhem music video is on 9Online 2.  Kindness Is A Weakness, The Represent Music Video, and Infiltration is on 9Online Gold. And lastly Destiny 5th Part 5 is available on 9Online Arena.