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Nine Taurus Excited about Real Music At the Mella Center


Nine Taurus commend on his excitement for the upcoming Real Music event at the Mella Center, while working on the upcoming video game with Z Canzer.

“I am really excited about the show! I am very happy that this is happening at the Mella Center on Oxford Street, on Saturday! And the Real Music events lately, especially the last event, have been great. This event cannot be missed! Great artists, great host and great venue, what else do you need!”

Real Music, Mella Center 73 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2EP, on February 1st at 8pm. Free Entry.


Real Music, Real Entertainment

Real Music logo

Tuesdays nights Real Music provided great performances, a great experience community and all round great entertainment. The stars on the night were Lucie Zara, Nuala, Eiks, Akayzia, Kosmic Troubadour, Walker, Afrix. The show keeps growing from strength to strength due to the great artists and great host Rap Raven.

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Happy New Year!!


The Nine Corporation would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. There is a lot planned for the year as, last year was very entertaining.


2013 was a year of many wonders. We have listed some below.


Prime Jam shows

Real Music shows

Have Your Cake and Eat It shows

Large amount of media uploads on

Cacica Film Festival

Launch of The World

Tri Gen music video

Responsibilities music video

Flip Taunt series

Destiny 5th Part 5

Picturized Ninecorpedia

All new 9Online

And more


This year Nine Corporation has the following planned.


More Prime Jam shows

More Real Music shows

Release of 9Online Album Volume 4

Release of the video game Nine and Z Canzer are working on

Release of the Nine Corp Vision music video

Release of the In My World music video

More media uploads

More exclusives on The World

And much more


So make sure you stay connected and up to date with the Nine Corporation.

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