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Predicted Top Products During Christmas Credit Boost

SantaMoney Nov 14

As the Christmas Credit Boost is due to start tomorrow, we have begun to speculate which product will do the highest units.

1. The Nine Corporation Celebration Album

The album of the area and with the Nine Corp Vision video still getting high views, we believe this album will do the most units.

2. The Flip Celebration album

The well featured and supported album to celebrate the Nine Corp mascot. This has been steady since it’s release.

3. The 9Online Album Volume 3

The 3rd 9Online album spiked again with the release of the Tri Gen music video. I has some interesting songs on it.

4. Cuthbert 80 – When He Came Around

The debut album from the very entertaining Cuthbert 80. We predict unit will spike over the festive season due to the performances Cuthbert has been doing all year.

5. Nine Taurus – Futile Tears

The oldest product on the list but Nine Taurus’s sophomore album has resurged many times since it release in 2005. We predict a resurgence during the boost period.

Nine Corpers will get double the credit when they buy or sell any Nine Corp Product from December 1st to 31st.