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Memorable Moments Of The Year


The results are in and you have spoken. Many different moments were mentioned but below are the top five most memorable events. Lets view the most memorable events of the year.

1. Nine Corp Vision Music Video 9Online Premier

Comments of praise kept flooding in as soon as this video was released. Referred to as the best Nine Corp music video ever, highlights included the posing angels and the extravagant CGI sets.

2. All I Want For Christmas Is You 9Online

The song of the holiday season, it came as a surprise to all of us when Nine Taurus announced he would be releasing a Christmas song. The song became the new Christmas anthem that has dominated the news since its release.

3. May 16th Prime Jam

The May 16th Prime Jam was considered the best music event of the year and produced the most famous Prime Jam picture, the Prime Jam Selfie. Though not a proper selfie as you can see that Nine did not take the picture himself, it represented the special night where the crowd was big and performances were ground breaking.

4. The Hottest 9Online Premier

The premier of the show explorer in the first quarter of the year, started the year on a good foot. It was a draw for the audiences that attended the shows and worked very well. It provided a insight into the possibilities of 9Online.

5. March 14th 9Online

This Prime Jam date was remembered for being a very entertaining an lively show. The line up was big and there were many magical performances.

2014 was a great year and I am sure 2015 will bring more memorable moments. See you all then.


Nine Taurus Comments On All I Want For Christmas Is You


All I Want For Christmas Is You shows no signs of slowing down, Nine Taurus commented on the song and it’s performance at a house party a few days ago.

“I am happy with the reception and the performance of the song. I finally have a hip hop Christmas song that I can happily listen to every holiday season and I am really impressed with Anne-Marie’s contribution.”

All I Want For Christmas Is You, is playing on 9Online now.



Less Than A Week Left On The Christmas Credit Boost

christmas-money-tree- Dec 14

The Christmas Credit Boost period where Corpers earn double the credit on buy/sells is due to end on the 31st, which is less than a week away.

The Nine Corporation Celebration Album is still leading with the 9Online Album Volume 3 second, and the Flip Celebration Album third.

The Nine Corporation would like to urge the Corpers who have not been active not to miss out on the on the credit opportunity.


Christmas Song Gets Large View Numbers


The Nine Corporation has confirmed Nine Taurus’s Christmas song, All I Want For Christmas Is You, has received record plays on 9Online. Over 8,000 viewers in its first week. The full figures for Christmas day has not been released yet, but it is thought to be as high as 2000 views.

From an analytical aspect, the majority of the viewer sources have been via The World from Twitter and Facebook, with the rest coming from the traffic.

All I Want For Christmas Is You featuring Anne-Marie is still available on 9Online.


Nine Taurus Confirms Journalistic Regrouping

Mics Papers Dec 14

Nine Taurus has confirmed that he has been trying to gather the team that made the The World big to do it again. He also said that he has been trying to recruit new journalists.

Nine Would like any journalists or blogger are interested in writing for The World, that has a 16,000 viewership per post, to leave a comment on this blog, email, or private message on the Nine Corporation or Flip Facebook.


Advertise With Nine Corp To Promote Your Brand

TokyoBillboards Dec 14

Are you interested in advertising your brand 10,000s of new people?

Advertising is the best way to promote your brand. The largest brands in the world like Coca Cola and McDonald’s advertise heavily even though they are market leaders.

As The World, 9Online, and NCN receive large views, it is a very good idea to take advantage of this and advertise your brand there.

If you are interested in advertising your brand with the Nine Corporation, add a comment with your details, email, or send a private message on the Nine Corp Facebook.