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Remembering The 2013 Flip Taunt Series

Responsibilities video

As the Ganigi Image series is entertaining the masses, we remember what made image series popular in the first place, the 2013 Flip Taunt Series.

Nine Taurus said he wanted to reintroduce the feistiness of the original 90s Flip Taunt Series to the new audience. This was a complete success when the first image was released in the second half of 2013.

The series played on current affairs and ridiculed some heavy issues. Whether it was mocking current male celebrities who wear dresses or the US political decision to shut down the government, each image was revered and talked about months after the releases.

The 2013 Flip Taunt Series lead the way for future promo images to come, including Lightno’s and Ganigi’s images.

You can check out the series on The World Archives or on Flip’s Facebook page.


Age Of The Journalists


In the Nine Corporation, Nine Music has pretty much always been the flagship brand. Although there was a moment between the Nine Music Crash and the beginning of the second generation where the Nine Universe via the Comic kingdom overtook in popularity.

But now it seems music’s dominance is being threatened by the very media you are reading now, journalism. No music album has been released since the Nine Corporation Celebration Album in 2012, but yet the blogs have been buzzing. This is just astonishing.

Is this the age of the journalists?

The World blog has surged in popularity and it is during this era where we saw the 30k per month numbers online. We have seen news, gossip, rumours, topics and exclusives from the World which is fed to thousands of Facebook pages, twitter accounts and smart phones.

Although, in order to provide journalism, the skilled writers needed subject matters, and luckily Nine Corp is rich in this. So it is more akin to a symbiotic surge, than a take over. Also the incredible hype that surrounded the Nine Corp winter would not have been possible if All I Want For Christmas Is you was not released and covered by The World.

This era does not seem to bee going anywhere soon, but it is clear that journalism will play a huge part in enhancing the Nine Corp Experience in this new age of comprehensive media, and not replacing.


Ninth Wonder Climbs In Plays And Units


Nine Taurus’s debut album The Ninth Wonder Of The World has experienced a surge in unit numbers as well as plays, via Kindness Is A Weakness, on 9Online.

The bigger and better 9Online is again sighted as the cause and it is proved to be a good platform for the Nine Music catalogue.

Hear the singles from The Ninth Wonder Of The World by clicking here and scrolling down to the page