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Who Will Have The Best Feature On V4?


It’s finally coming, the long awaited 9Online Album V4.

We have all started to wonder, who will stand out, which artist will have the best feature.

Paro has been dropping great verses lately. Many stating that his best appearances have been on the Nine Corp Celebration Album. You can hear a bit of his verse on Real Bars, and from that you can tell that he will definitely be up there.

Anne-Marie has pretty much gained the reputation that “it ain’t a chorus unless Anne-Marie is on it”. Her appearances on the Nine Corp Celebration Album and All I Want For Christmas Is You has taken her to another level.

Nine Taurus has been on fire lately with his verses on Nine Corp Celebration and All I Want For Christmas Is You. We know that the acclaimed Omega Hydrant is on the album, first heard on the 2006 9Online Monthly era, we are all exited to hear the new verses.

Cuthbert 80 is always in the mix when talking stand out appearances. Also commanding great features on the recent albums, we are all waiting in anticipation for what he has in store on V4.

So there you have it, this is was we at The World think… or at least what I urged the team to think. Lol

Let us know what you think.

9OnlineAlbumV4-worldbanner copy

Cancer Research UK Awareness Image

AttackingCancer copy

Nine Taurus in association with Cancer Research UK has released a promotional image to raise the awareness of the fight against Cancer.

The image contains a play on the Nine Taurus’s lyrics from the song Nine Tor from The Ninth Wonder Of The World.

“Together we can all contribute to the incredible work that Cancer research is doing to fight Cancer, and we will beat cancer sooner.” Nine comments on the importance of donating. “I never realised 450 people survived cancer every day to research. That is incredible.”

Please donate what you can to Cancer Research UK. You can also play your part by taking part in many events and activities. To find out more visit


World Of Opportunities

Globe In Hands Mar 15

Yesterday I was unwinding with a comrade and it dawned on me just how fortunate us Corpers are to be part of a community with so much opportunity.

Most talented people will never get recognition for work. They will be talking their “should of, would of, could of”. Nine Corpers are lucky enough to be part of a large community that is very receptive to talent, and will let you know whether they like it or not.

It is not the mainstream pop community but it is big and expanding exponentially. There is also no sign of the pressures to compromise talent to fit in with the mainstream agenda.

There are Corpers in many different countries along with their fans, friends, and family. So as soon as something in premiered on it goes viral immediately. We are a bunch of lucky Mofos….. lol.

The Nine Corp World is a world of opportunity, and if you are a Corper, you would be a fool not to take advantage of it.


Most Popular All Time Music Artists List


It’s that time again where the spot light shines upon one of the most viewed Ninecorpedia pages, to review the latest update to the List of Nine Music’s most popular artists past and present page.

Now the there has been no movement in the top 6 artist, although after the winters activities it is obvious that Nine Taurus is pulling away from the pack. The first change is seen with Anne-Marie now at 7. This is down to the Nine Corp Celebration Album, the Flip Celebration Album, and her featuring on All I Want For Christmas Is You.

This pushes Clarity and El Kirbio down the list just above the new entry, Paro. Paro’s new rise to the list is also down to his appearances on Nine Corp Celebration Album, the Flip Celebration Album, but his is regarded is the best new generation rapper.

Click here to view the list.