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New Flip Celebration Album Cover To Replace Original


The cover of the Flip Celebration album will officially be replaced by the cover displayed in the Responsibilities music video.

The new cover is in CGI and created quite a stir when it was premièred at the end of the responsibilities video.

Nine Music stated that they will announce the official date for the switch over soon.

The Flip Celebration Album is out now from any Nine Corper. Click here to here clips from the album.

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The Real Media Powerhouse


It has become evident that the Nine Corporation is unique. Unique in it’s independence, unique in it’s drive, unique in it’s talent, and unique in it’s unstoppable productiveness.

It is a force…

The Nine Corporation has been compared to entire scenes, Stalker once said it was like an entire industry. Just by looking at the Nine Corporation Celebration Album cover, you can see the magnitude of the Nine Corporation. It is hard for new comers to comprehend.

But the one sure unified judgement is that Nine Corporation is a powerhouse.

The fact that over 80 talented people have been able to showcase their talents to a large receptive community, get rewarded for there efforts, while enclaved in apparent glory is almost a miracle.

Only a powerhouse is capable of this feat.

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Ninecorpedia’s Hidden Treasures


The Ninecorpedia is a unique and amazing wonder with a seemingly endless sea of articles. So naturally there are many hidden treasures that have not been found. So we have highlighted a few.

Childhood Memories Music Video – This gives an interesting insight into the creation of the video.

East London Largest Underground Record Label – This article summarises the milestone achieved by Nine Music in 2004.

Gold Bar – This is about the data reserve of the Nine Corporation and gives and insight into it’s relevant.

Nine Music’s Sanyo Dictator Machine – This unique treasure is about the first recording device used by Nine Music and how unusual it’s beginnings were.

The best thing about the Ninecorpedia is how the articles link with each other. So check these out to begin a great Ninecorpedia exploration session.

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The World Is 2


Today is the 2nd Anniversary of The World. On April 16th 2013 The World was launched and the first post was made.

Since then it has been come the leading news outlet and has helped to change the Nine Corporation into the surging powerhouse it is today, with a high web numbers and global audiences.

So today we are celebrating 2 years of The World. We at The World Team would like to thanks everyone for your continued viewership.

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