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Winners And Losers

winner-loser may 15

Naturally, there are winners and losers in life, it is no different for Corpers. I thought is would be a good idea to look at the winners and losers of Nine Corp over the years.

Now, when I spoke to Nine about writing this article he told me to “watch it!”, in reference to me being to controversial. But I am not Jeremy Clarkson, and this is not Top Gear, so I’m sure this will be ok.

The winners are the Corpers who are switched on and are making the most out of what Nine Corp has to offer, the headliners and leading Corpers. They are obvious to see because The World always mentions the winners.

Then there are the losers who are always feeling sorry for themselves and are not even noticed. There is no reason to be a loser in this modern Nine Corp era, regardless how diplomatic Nine Taurus wants to be.

This reflects life as a whole, especially for those in privileged situations. You can make the most out of your good fortune or you can become an embarrassment to yourself.


New Flip Celebration Album Cover Launched Today


The new CGI cover for the Flip Celebration Album has now been launched. The cover first premièred on the Responsibilities music video, and the cover has now been given an updated appearance.

Many have suggested that this has effectively made the previous cover a collectors item, with some safely storing the original cover in anticipation of getting a new copy.

You can get a copy of the Flip Celebration Album from any Nine Corper, and you can listen to clips from the album by clicking here.

9OnlineAlbumV4-worldbanner copy