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Ill Chords Song Of The Summer


The 9Online V4 smash Ill Chords Wine Broads have been named song of the summer by The World Team and many active Nine Corpers.

Prior to the release of the 9Online Album Volume 4, Music Revolution and Real Bars were anticipated to be the leading songs from the album. But it turns out that Ill Chords Wine Broads, the slightly unusual song by Nine Taurus and produced by Cally, is the top song from the album.

Check out clips from the 9Online Album Volume 4 now on the site, or get the album from any Nine Corper.


Remembering Futile Tears


In 2005 Nine Taurus released his sophomore album, which many would site as his best material, titled Futile Tears. The album performed very well and was supported by the second largest tour in Nine Corp history.

Nine Taurus comments on the era. “I was in depression when I made the album and it is very evident when you listen to it. It was raw emotion inputted into the tracks and at the time I pretty much though that my life was spent. But as you all know, it wasn’t and now my life is great.”

Many artists have been influenced by Futile Tears and some have quoted lyrics within their songs. The enhanced CD is still praised today with many finding the lyrics within the virtual book very fascinating.

Futile Tears is in stock and can be obtained from any Nine Corper.


Mixed Reaction To Shoot The Pedos


The Nine Interactive video game, Shoot The Pedos, has received mixed reactions for it’s theme.

Some game players have praised the idea of shooting the people that have caused innocent children pain, while others have not taken to the theme stating that the topic should of been left alone.

One thing for sure is that it has been downloaded heavily since it was released last month. It has been downloaded more the Destiny 5th Part 5 which was previously on 9Online Arena.

The game is now available on 9Online Arena.


Biggest Gem Earning Activities


Nine Corpers are constantly looking for the best way to earn gems so they can use the Nine Corporation’s incredible resources. The biggest Gem earning activities have always came from the recruiting of new talent. So we have highlighted a few the highest paying activities.

Scouting a Movie Maker

Nine Pictures in determined to expand is movie production. For this Corpers get *150 upon their first contribution and *380 when the movie maker goes Bronze.

Scouting a Female Singer

Female singers are in demand in the Nine Music. For this Corpers get *100 upon their first recording and *380 when the singer goes Bronze.

Scouting a Producer

Producers are still in high demand in Nine Music. For this Corpers get *100 upon their first contribution and *380 when the movie maker goes Bronze.

The Nine Corporation urges all Nine Corpers to keep up to date with the NCEC so that they do not miss out on opportunities.