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Man With The Plan


Reviewing the modern Nine Corp activities many often wonder how it all happened. Well it was certainly not a fluke, nor was it down to spontaneity, it was all planned.

“When I came out of depression I quickly reviewed the Nine Corp situation along with that status of surrounding talent and the industry. I saw a gap and devised a grand plan, that has not been completed yet, and immediately implemented it. The Nine Corp expansion is actually only part of a massive plan that I have running very well, but in true Nine fashion, it will remain classified until completion.” Nine Simon stated at a party on Saturday.

A couple other examples of Nine’s clandestine plans include the Glory Years Era, the completion of 90% of his second album before even announcing it. But whether his plans are complete or not, great things are happening now, which reinforces the statement that Nine is the man with the plan.


The Streaks


The Nine Corp World have been using the term streaks to measure the performance of Nine Corpers for years now. Different versions of the measurements have been used informally, but the most common is the identification of months of constant activity, verses months of inactivity.

Anne-Marie and Nine Taurus are standing out as having the longest running activity streaks for any Nine Music artist, lasting from November to the present day.

Z Canzer is just behind them with a streak from January 2015 to the present day.

This answers much of the speculation of which artists are actively leading this generation. All of 3 of the artist feature on the newest Nine Music song, Leave The Children Alone, currently playing on 9Online Arena.


9Technologies Has The Solution


Nine Corporation’s newest division, 9Technologies is proving to be the IT media solutions organisation that has all the answers.

Since it 2014 launch it has support and consultancy for businesses and organisations. 9Technologies has quickly become the Nine Corporation’s leading division growing from strength to strength each month.

“I wanted to simply provide a solution for everyone IT and media desires” founder Dean ‘Nine’ Simon adds at a trade show, “I am thrilled by how well 9Technologies is doing, and I want to continue to see it grow”.

Click here to view the site for 9Technologies.


Shoot The Pedos Rise In Downloads


The Nine Interactive video game Shoot The Pedos, which is still playing on 9Online Arena is steadily getting a rise in downloads. It received a surge of attention lately as the Nine Corporation is expanding it’s internet presence and new audiences discover the game.

The video game has opened many debates on how to address the situation with “pedos” in general. This was also driven by the current news stories circulated about prominent figures involved in these heinous acts. Many have mentioned extreme measures that would simply be a human rights violation and others have made milder suggestions.

Aside from the debate, Shoot The Pedos has become Nine Interactive’s most polarizing game, and the Nine Corporation has shown an interest in exploring more cutting edge topics in its releases because of this.

Check out Shoot The Pedos now on only 9Online Arena.


If It’s Not On Site Is It Really Irrelevant?

Not-Fresh Aug 15

A Corper recently said “If it is not on site, I don’t care about it!” in reference to a proposed conceptual live show. It appears that most of the Nine Corp World feels the same when viewing attendance figures verses web view numbers.

It is clearly a new age as there was a time when the Nine Corporation survived on street cyphers and other live events. Now the highest turnouts are for online events, either for a video premier, song premier, a feature article on The World, or even a Nine Taurus session on twitter.

Everyone wants to be on the website, or the “site” now, but does this make everything else irrelevant.

I’ll leave that for you all to decide….


5 Reasons Why The Wet S*** Has Ended


The song Omega Hydrant from the 9Online Album Volume 4 is considered one of the hottest songs of the out now. The title literally means “end wet” as in end of the wet stuff. Wet is slang for bad or displeasing situation, for all those not in the know. We have decided to take a look at 5 reasons the wetness is over in the Nine Corporation.

1. Online Glamour has become one of the most appealing spaces for people to feature. It is the global billboard for the Nine Corporation with 10s of thousands of views every week. Companies want to advertise there, people want to appear there, and creators want there works there. Also all of the social media outlets tie into helping to make it an alluring destination online.

2. Frequent Releases

The Nine Corporation has been issuing back to back release for a while. Whether it has been music release, video games, or web exclusives, it has been a very fruitful time in the Nine Corporation.

3. Cutting Edge Products

The latest Nine Corp releases have pushed boundaries and provided a refreshing experience for audiences. The video game, Shoot The Pedos, was polarizing, as all landmark releases are. Releases like this has helped the Nine Corporation to stand out amongst others.

It is safe to say that the Wet S*** from years ago has ended, and now is the age of greatness.

The 9Online Album Volume 4 can be obtained from any Nine Corper, and you here clips from the album by clicking here.