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9Online Is The Advertisers Choice

9Online receives high view numbers which obvious to everyone who knows the Nine Corporation. There have been many advertisers and sponsors over the years, but the site of choice is 9Online.

9Online is the second most visited section after The World, beating the main page for This plus the size and amount of advertising space available on 9Online has helped to make it the top pick.

Nine Corporation officially stated that advertising is part of the corporate strategy. You can expect to see more advertising in the future within the Nine Corporation.


Comparisons To The Flip Universe


Flip Mythologies is epic, and lately with the most recent releases, we have been given greater insight into this world. Many people have found comparisons in the Flip Universe and many other popular franchises. Lets have a look at the top comparisons.

Star Wars

At the top is Star Wars which is not a surprise as people have seen similarities in the vulcan blades, spaceships, and alien creatures.


Many have view similarities to Spiderman with the vulcan wrist blasters and earlier pictures of Flip standing on the tops of buildings.


New audiences immediately made the comparison to Superman due to the red cape and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, when Flip can actually leap small cities.

Many of our most loved franchises share simulates with others, which often makes use wonder what would happen is the universes were to combine.

Who knows….


List of Nine Interactive’s most popular video games


It’s that time again where we get to see the top 10 most popular video games. The list has changed significant from the last update and there are a few new additions to the list. We was surprised by a few of the positions on this Ninecorpedia article, but this made us reflect on how busy Nine Interactive has been.

Click here to go to the article to see the top 10.


If It’s Not On Site It’s Shyte

gutter trash

Following on from the last article that opened the debate on whether the Nine Corp World’s primary focus is on, it has pretty much been confirmed that, “if it is not on the site, it’s shyte”.

The previous article rather softly raised the point that many Corpers and fans already saw as a foregone conclusion. Now it is not the case that live events and non cyber activities are obsolete, as many Nine Corporation events still provide unique moments. However it is often the case that when the live event has concluded audiences seek to view the recap or the follow on experience online.

This is the age of social media parties so there is nothing down low to know that if it is not on the site it’s shyte.