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Nine Pranks Audiences With Hoverboard Picture


Nine Taurus posted a prank image on his FaceBook page of himself riding a hoverboard to commemorate the day the Marty McFly and Doc Brown went to the future in Back To The Future Part 2.

In the picture Nine appears to be floating in the air on a Pit Bull Hoverboard wearing a 9Online t-shirt.

Nine presented the image as though he bought the Hoverboard to upstage Segway Board users. Many people actually believed he had a hoverboard until he advised the that is was a prank.

Click the thumbnail above to view the image.



Ill Chords Wine Broads Rumoured To Be On 9Online


Before the release of V4 the most anticipated song on the album was Music Revolution, although Real Bars was the first single to be released from the album and we can now see why. However the most talked about song on the album is Ill Chords Wine Broads which is caused many to speculate this being the next song to be released on 9Online.

It could be a no brainer but Nine Music has not confirmed or denied this, so we will have to wait and see.

Click here to listen to clips from the 9Online Album Volume 4.


Ninecorpedia Link Honoured


The Ninecorpedia Link, which integrates with many Nine Corp sites to enable information for content that does not have a site, has been noted as one of the most important services online. is a massive group of sites an it is almost a reflection of the Nine Corporation’s gigantic catalogue. Many of the Nine Corp products and talent do not have a site to represent them yet, despite the enormous web development that has occurred since the beginning of the 3rd Generation. This is where the Ninecorpedia Link steps in providing content in areas that have not been developed yet.

The Nine Corp World and new audiences have voiced their appreciation for the Ninecorpedia Link. The link was launched in 2009 and has now become a foundation to

The Nine Corporation has stated that they would like to thank everyone for the good feedback regarding the Nine Corporation.