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Nine Regrets Missing Black Friday

black_friday Nov 15

Nine Taurus has expressed that he regrets not ensuring that the Nine Corporation takes advantage of Black Friday.

He made the comments after a recording session today stating, “it was a missed opportunity that everyone could of taken advantage of. I will not make that mistake again.”

Black Friday has become a massive success on both sides of the ocean. Nine Has made it clear that he plans do have the Nine Corporation taking part next year.

Xmas2015-worldbanner copy


Cyber Performance


Nine Taurus hinted that the Nine Corporation’s Cyber earnings were very impressive after a comment he made at a promotional event.

When Nine was asked if the internet activity surge was deliberate, he responded “Advertising returns are performing better than everything else”. He is clearly happy with the way Nine Corporation’s Cyber ventures are operating, especially as there have been expansions into events and business partnership where advertising is part of the deal.

As the Nine Corporation expands its audience in the world wide web it seems it’s expansion into it’s traditional activities are facilitated even more.

We are interested to see what the future holds.


Nine Remembers Early 1st Generation Releases

First Gen Nov 15

The 1st Generation has been referred to as the Glory Years for many years due to the proliferation of releases and the energy that existed back then. Before this renaissance period it was considered Nine Corporation’s golden age.

During a Halloween party over the weekend hosted by Freshface, the Glory Years song from the Nine Corp Celebration Album was played and a discussion about the 1st Generation began. Nine Taurus then began to recall the iconic releases.

“I remember when I released Blood. As soon I made a few copies of the single I was on the block playing it to the crowds. They went crazy and I had to go back into Terra’s flat to make more copies. Before the end of the afternoon we decided to start working on the Five Star album.

We wanted to get the album out asap so we only recorded 5 songs and a few skits. It was an album to us, we didn’t know what an EP was back then. All of us made load of copies and went out on the blocks. That album started the massive hype that followed. We were releasing songs monthly, performing at bars and street cyphers.

The songs were so controversial that we all did not know what to expect every time we walked outside. But every incident was included as a comment in our music. It was an incredible time where we all thought we was stars and we were ballin’ crazy. We heard that Lil Kim had an extravagant album launch party, so we started having outrageous house parties to celebrate our releases too.

There will never be an era like that again, so careless and ridiculous. We are living in a great time now, but back then it was just so random and wild.”

Check out clips from the Nine Corporation Celebration Album by clicking here, or get a copy from any Nine Corper.