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Happy New Year!!

happy-new-year Dec 15

The Nine Corporation would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

2015 was a great year that produced may wonders, and we have listed some of them below.

  • Lightno promo Image
  • Ganigi Image Series 1 (3 downloadable wallpapers starring Ganigi)
  • The 9Online Album Volume 4
  • eReceipt System
  • The In My World Music Video
  • Shoot The Pedos video Game
  • Revamped NCEC
  • Leave The Children Alone – Shoot The Pedos Soundtrack
  • Ganigi Image Series 2 (3 downloadable wallpapers starring Ganigi)
  • 9Online Expansion
  • Nine Corp Christmas – Christmas song
  • Massive web development and construction (over 100 pages added to the site)
  • 6 Prime Jam Shows
  • IXN – audio show launch

This year is scheduled to be an incredible year. The below has been announced.

  • Why Me the movie – January
  • Ganigi Image Series 3 – February
  • IXN Issue 2 – TBA
  • 9Online Music Video – TBA
  • Ill Chords Wine Broads Music video – TBA
  • More web development and construction – TBA
  • 9Online PlayCenter update – TBA
  • A Nine Corporation 20th Anniversary Celebration – TBA

As you see in the above list, 2016 Nine Corporation’s 20th anniversary. This will be celebrated however it has not been confirmed how and in what form.

So lets start to make history again, welcome to 2016!

Xmas2015-worldbanner copy

Still Running Ks


On his classic song Legend Of Nine, Nine Taurus revealed to the then new 2nd Generation audience that he had been running a massive facade and clandestine activities, in order to facilitate the entire 1st Generation and more. This was later referred to as the K due to Nine Taurus being referred to Keyser Soze from the Usual Suspects film.

However Nine has admitted that this is not the only K he has organised and that his is running many more, but this time for more humanist and philanthropic causes. “Some are small, some are large, and there are a few massive Ks. Many have already been completed, but I run these so that I can ensure uninterrupted success in making a positive input.” Stated by Nine while promoting 9Online Album V4 at a holiday party.

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eReceipt System Heavily Used

eReceipt Copy copy

The eReceipt system has been described as “innovative” by Nine Corpers who have benefited from the convenience of using it. The transaction aid has been instrumental since it’s launch and since the start of the Christmas Credit Boost.

With only one shopping day before Christmas, tomorrow is expected to be the one of the busiest days of the year. The eReceipt has made this all possible.

Xmas2015-worldbanner copy

Return Of The Christmas Credit Boost


The Nine Corporation has announced that the Christmas Credit Boost has returned and is effective immediately.

Like last year’s credit boost, Nine Corpers will get double the gems for buying or selling Nine Corp products, but ton this occasion from the time of this article until the 17th of January.

The last credit boost produced record numbers and it is predicted that this year’s may do the same.

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Flip 20th Anniversary


Today is the 20th anniversary of the Nine Corporation Mascot Flip. Since 1995 there have been an epic amount of successful releases including video games, merchandising, comic books, comic strips, posters, promo images, a movie, and an album.

The Flip brand is now recognisable in many countries and we now celebrate this achievement.

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