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Next IXN In March

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The Nine Corporation has just announced that the next IXN will be released in March. The current IXN is currently available on 9Online Playcenter.

Nine Taurus has also announced that there will be some retro songs played on the show and there will be the addition of a top ten of most played songs. There will be a push to make IXN more like a show, as the EN Audio Show was.

The listen to the current IXN, click here.

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All Real Era


Nine Taurus left a message on Twitter that has caused a commotion. His messages states “it’s going to be the start of an all Real Era.”

Nine elaborated at a house party “We are in a fortunate position in the Nine Corporation in that we do not have any major stakeholders controlling the agenda of out material. Therefore we can be a real as we want here. I will try to ensure all of our releases will be as pure as possible from now on. It will all be significantly different from the releases in the pop charts”

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