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The Empire Strikes Back


The Nine Corporation has bounced back to the point that some are calling this the second Glory Years.

The web views has soared past the high numbers we saw in 2014’s surge. IXN was produced to capitalise from the cyber numbers, and it is doing very well.

Nine Taurus mentioned that plans to take the Nine Corporation to another level through expansion which leaves us to speculate what direction it will be moving in.

As tradition in Nine Corporation, the beginning of the year is full of announcements, and we at The World have been told to look out for many exciting ones.

So keep it lock on the Nine Corporation as the Empire Strikes back.

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Nine Music Recording Stats To Be Revealed Soon

numbers Feb16

As it is the 20th year of the Nine Corporation it has been announced that the Ninecorpedia will be counting up and releasing a series of Nine Music recording stats. Expect to see a list of all time most recorded artist, list of all time least recorded artists, and other similar items.

We expect the speculation to start for the list positions to see who will actually make the top 10, as well as the bottom 10.

Stay locked to The World for updates.

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Top All Time Power Couples

Heart Feb16

As it is Valentines time we at the world decided to look at the top all time Power couples of the Nine Corporation.

  1. Symbolic & Cinnamin

This may be considered a one sided entry however Symbolic is arguably one of the all time leading Nine Corpers. Cinnamin Featured on the Truth Of Light which is considered Symbolic’s best album.

  1. Stalker & Leesa Myrie

In an age where power couple are rare, Stalker and Leesa Myrie are flying the flag for partnership. Stalker has an extensive catalogue of features dating back to 2001 and Leesa has managed some of the early Prime Jam shows and became known in the Nine Corp World after the Nine Corp Managers Photoshoot.

  1. Naf Tar & Channelle

He was one of the members of the rap group Five Star and she was the lead singer of the hip hop soul group Sirens. Naf Tar was a significant figure in the first generation and after the release Sirens debut album a lot of hype surrounded the couple.

  1. Cuthbert 80 & Ikuyo

During the Sec Gen when Cuthbert was on the rise and Ikuyo was fresh to the label, they was definitely the leading power couple on Nine Music. Both artists appeared heavily on products and events in 2004-2005.

  1. Nine Taurus & Hera

They were the top artists on the label during the Glory Years in their own rights. They appeared everywhere and they were top picks amongst promoters. As artists their music was very prolific and many followed their style. Nine and Hera influenced and lead the entire scene which is why they make the top of the list.

The only current couple in the list is Stalker and Leesa Myrie. Hopefully love is in the air and we will start to so more Nine Corp power couples.

Either way, have a good Valentines.

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