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This Is Officially The 4th Generation


The Nine Corporation has officially confirmed that we are now in the 4th Generation. We are no longer rebuilding, we are expanding. The Nine Corporation would like to urge all talented people to take advantage of the booming expansion.

The Nine Corporation has also stated that there are a few big announcements to make soon.

So stay logged on and immersed in the Nine Corporation.


The Success Of Nine Universe Franchises


The organisation that became the Nine Corporation began it’s operations in comics. The audiences have ranged from children through to elderly people, this has made Nine Universe unique division of the Nine Corporation, as well as a successful one.

The oldest of the current comic franchises is Mushroom Ninja which started the ball rolling way back in 1991, closely followed by The Hate Brothers brand. Since then many franchises were created which spawned many successful video games, merchandising, comic books, comic strips, posters and promo images a movie, and an album.

Lately the proliferation of Nine Universes comic franchises through video games and promotional images have literally caused the division to boom. Nine Universe has fully embraced the CGI revolution which has added a completely new dimension to the franchises.

Check out the Nine Universe characters on the following link.

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List of Nine Music’s Highest Recorded Artists All Time


Ninecorpedia has now released the long awaited List of Nine Music’s Highest Recorded Artists All Time page.

Ninecorpedia has been tallying up the recording numbers of all Nine Music artists and have now presented the list.

There are a few surprises on this list with entries from First Generation artists and some of them are not even on the all time popularity list. Nine Taurus lead the list by a large margin however the four that followed have a significant lead above the rest.

Click here to view the page.


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