Monthly Archives: September 2016

Global Reach


Nine Corporation has confirmed that it has been making multiple international business deals to extend the global reach. Nine Simon has commented on how excited he is about Nine Corp’s future and that there will be some major announcements later on in the year.

This leaves many of us at The World team speculating on what could be coming up. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Post Wonder Weekend Round Up


So after perhaps the biggest weekend in the year, everyone is still enjoying the Wonder Weekend goodies.

There have been calls for the 20th Anniversary image to be made into t-shirts. The unveiling of Nigthscar received heavy views showing renewed appeal for the franchise. Then there is the hit song 20 Years which is currently the number 1 song on 9Online.

If for any reason you were living under a rock long enough to miss Wonder Weekend, you can still enjoy all of the greatness on the below links.

20th Year image.

Nightscar profile.

20 Year song on 9Online.


Wonder Weekend Preview


It’s Wonder Weekend this weekend, so we have decided to give a preview of the events.

20th Anniversary Collectors Image

The first release which will occur on Friday is the 20th Anniversary Collectors Image. Expect to see many of Nine Corp’s biggest releases being represented on this image.

Nightscar Unveiling and Profile Launch

The second release is the long awaited unveiling of the Nine Universe’s newest character franchise Nightscar. Although a collectors poster was released in 1998 to critical acclaim, no further releases appeared from the franchise until now.

20 Years Song

The main event is the song celebrating the 20th year of the Nine Corporaion, titled 20 Years. We know that the song will feature Z Cancer, Cuthbert 80, Paro, and Nine Taurus, but all will be revealed on the 11th of September.

There is a big weekend ahead of us and the Nine Corp World is eager to experience this. I hope you enjoyed our preview and that it will hold you until the 9th.