Monthly Archives: October 2016

9Online Web Television


Move over MTV because for the Nine Corp World 9Online has been it’s replacement for years. However it is now, more than ever, the centre of entertainment for the Nine Corp World.

10s of thousands of views are received each week making every smart artist try everything in their power to make sure they get a slot on 9Online. The Nine Corporation is increasing it’s efforts of attracting more advertisers to the site.

But why stop at an MTV type of outlet? Nine Pictures has expressed interests in releasing content on 9Online after the success of Why Me.

So we could soon be saying move over television, 9Online is here to stay.


List Of All Time Top Brands


Ninecorpedia has launched a new page titled List Of All Time Top Brands. This, as the title suggests, is a list of the all time top Nine Corporation brands. The list consists of people as well as franchises and traditional brands.

This is also the first Ninecorpedia page that has been big faced. It has been confirmed that all newly updated Ninecorpedia pages will be big faced.

Click here to view the page.