Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy New Year!


The Nine Corporation would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

2016 was a great year for the Nine Corporation that produced may wonders, and we have listed some of them below.

  • Why Me (Film release)
  • Why Me Soundtrack EP Remastered
  • Ganigi Image Series 3 (3 downloadable wallpapers starring Ganigi)
  • Nine Universe Big faced (Site resized)
  • Summer IXN
  • Nine Interactive Big faced (Site resized)
  • Wonder Weekend
  • Nightscar Unveiling and profile launch
  • Corporate Site Big faced (Site resized)
  • 20th Anniversary Collectors Image
  • 20 Years (music song)
  • Nine Corporation main site Big faced (Site resized)
  • Nine Music Big faced (Site resized)
  • Ganigi Image Series 4 (3 downloadable wallpapers starring Ganigi)
  • Nine Pictures Big faced (Site resized)
  • Nine Taurus – The Awakening (Nine Taurus 3rd album)
  • Expanded 9Online Launch
  • Merry Christmas Wiggas (music song)

This year is scheduled to be an incredible year. The below has been announced.

  • 9Online Music Video – TBA
  • Ill Chords Wine Broads Music video – TBA
  • A Nine Corporation 20th Anniversary Celebration – TBA
  • Explorer EP1 – TBA

As you see in the above list, 2017 has some good released planned, however Nine Corporation has confirmed that there will be more announcements soon.

Nine Taurus said he wants to push Nine Corpers and the Nine Corporation to go beyond the current limits within their fields.

So lets start to make history again, welcome to 2017!


Nine Taurus On Nine Corp Twitter


Recently Nine Taurus has been very active on the Nine Corporation’s twitter account. He said the reason for appearing on twitter so much lately is due to the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding his new album The Awakening. Nine Taurus said he will continue to be active on twitter as long as he continues to receive great feedback on the album. He also said he will not restrict it to twitter and will use the other Nine Corporation social media outlets.

Click here to view the Nine Corporation twitter account.


Nine Taurus Talks About The 11 Year Gap Between Albums


As The Awakening continues to dominate the Nine Corp World, Nine Taurus commented on the reason for the 11 year gap between Futile Tears and The Awakening.

“The first major delay to any work was the Great Depression. After that I needed to rebuilt the Nine Corporation but at the same time my head was not in the right place. I spoke about that on the retrospective song Warrior, and a few others.

After Nine Corporation Celebration album was released I was happy with the state of the Nine Corporation so I began working on my album. The album would have come out about 6 years ago if it wasn’t for the Great Depression, but then again I probably wouldn’t have so much to talk about on the album ha ha.”

You can get The Awakening from any Nine Corper.

Click here to listen to clips from the album.


The Nine Corp World Crazy Over The Awakening


Since the release of Nine Taurus’s upcoming third album titled The Awakening, the Nine Corp World has been very active in praising the body of work.

Some never thought he would release another album as it has been 11 years since the last one. However he did, the album has been highly acclaimed and some have become hysterical showing their appreciation.

Nine Taurus said that he is overwhelmed by the response and would like to than everybody for their support.

The Awakening can be acquired from any Nine Corper.

Click here to hear clips from the album.


NCEC Reform


After weeks of speculation the Nine Corporation has announced that changes to the NCEC which includes the reform of the Stripe system.

To summarise, gem earning rates have been cut in half for all Nine Corpers who are silver stripe or less. Also earning stripes is now impacted by the popularity of a Corper as well as what they have achieved.

The Nine Corporation hopes these changes will make a fairer and more competitive environment in this age of global expansion.

Click here to go to the NCEC.