Monthly Archives: May 2017

Why The NCEC Works


Trading in the Nine Corporation Exchange Community has never been higher and talent outside of the Nine Corporation are trying to get involved. Nine Corporation has announced that they would like to facilitate a world trade function into the NCEC.

But why does the NCEC work so well?

The primary reason is most likely financial. Nine Corpers cannot become bankrupt, which is a frequent occurrence in other record label, film studios, and media companies.

The NCEC also provides the feeling of being part of a community as every gem earned goes toward progressing the Nine Corporation.

The entire community benefits greatly from the NCEC as the Nine Corporation grows from strength to strength.


Nine Corp Celebration Album Heralded The Renaissance


The album of the Third Generation which brought the entire Nine Corporation together along with so many others. The album cover was acclaimed and described as inspiring.

The Nine Corporation Celebration Album is believed the be the very reason that Nine Corp was able to rebuild. Even prior to it’s release, the buzz surrounding the creation of the album was generated a lot of excitement reawakening the careers of many artists.

The Nine Corporation became different after the release of the album with the cyber community surging, and the album is heavily referenced.

So it would seem the Nine Corporation Celebration album brought a change to the Nine Corporation an ended the slow spell that existed after the Great Depression. However a newly released album, titled The Awakening, is set to open the Nine Corporation to global expansion.