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Nine Says He Was Purposely Not Promoting Awakening


The Awakening has been a success, with everyone in the Nine Corp World still talking about it as though it came out last month. However Nine Taurus said he has not been promoting the album as much as he could, deliberately, in an attempt to manage stock numbers, resources, and other releases.

“My plan worked”  Nine Comments “I new that Power Couple, Remember 2016, and the Christmas songs would be out after the album release and I did not want those products to suffer. There will be a lot of promo material and activities on the back of The Awakening, so stay logged.”

Nine also mentioned that the stock manufacturing was in-house, as opposed to the approached used with When He Came Around, and said he did not want a return of the equipment issues experienced with the EN Audio Show.

You can get The Awakening from any Nine Corper.

Click here to hear clips of the album.