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In My World Music Video Described As Historic


The music video for the 9Online song, In My World, has been described as historic by attendees of a house party in London yesterday. Multiple Nine Corp videos were played on 9Online but the In My World Video in particular was praised by the crowd.

Many people have called for more music videos, and have said that they are long overdue.

Click here to go to 9Online to view the In My World Video.


Nine Speaks About Awakening Play & Buy



The Awakening, which is Nine Taurus’ third album, was released last November. However, there has yet to be any videos or performances to promote the album. Nine Taurus has stated that the album has been doing great so far with play and buy touring.

“I have been quite fortunate as a lot of people have just wanted copies of my album” Nine adds. “So I have either just been playing the album to groups and supplying copies there, or I have just been getting requests. Play and buy has worked very well for The Awakening.”

Nine also had a response for those awaiting videos and performances. “They will come. I have just been very busy at the moment, but do stay logged on for updates, they will come”

You can hear clips from the album by clicking here, and you can get the album from any Nine Corper.


Post Wonder Weekend Round Up


So what was possibly the biggest weekend of the year is now over. Let’s review what happened.

On Friday Nine Universe launch a brand new character named Cacica Oba.

On Saturday a brand new collectors image was released of Cacica Oba.

Then on Sunday Nine Taurus released a brand new birthday themed song titled It’s Your Birthday.

As with the first Wonder Weekend, this event received surge in web traffic with the highest day being Sunday. Nine Corporation has officially stated that they will keep Wonder Weekend as a staple in the Nine Corp Calendar.

All of the releases are still available on the site.


Pop Is Dead

pop-is-dead sep 17

Nine Taurus said that Pop is dead at a party over the weekend. This turned into a huge passionate, yet unresolved, debate.

Is pop dead? And what exactly is meant by that question.

In regards to unit sales and mainstream dominance, Pop could not be described as dead. Although Nine’s argument was that it is not Pop in it’s traditional sense that dominates this world. It is manufactured artificial music that is essentially “Pop” before it even gets released, because it is released on a major record label.

However more artists than ever are finding success away from the mainstream. Social media has allowed talented people, with no major backing, to become legends. Many of them now turn away major label offers as they can do better by themselves.

It seems rare to see a song naturally become a mainstream hit nowadays. The exception in recent history is Pharrell’s smash hit Happy, where he literally badgered his label for years to convince them to release it. But is the natural Pop genre dead?

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