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The “New To Nine Corp Experience


There have been many new people viewing Nine Corp wonders over the last year. For many of these people this has been an information overload for them, similar to going to Time Square for the first time. A wonderful overwhelming experience that has often invoked fits of verbal jubilation with the new comers.

Yet still the Corp remains out of the mainstream eye, and it is likely to stay that way indefinitely as, quite frankly, those prying eyes are not needed. Especially as the Nine Corporation’s numbers continue to soar and reach fans of quality entertainment all over the globe.

For the Nine Corporation is like the epicentre of real media, uncorrupted by the typical agenda of the mainstream media, and that is the charm of everyone who has been turned down by the traditional outlets. That is why it continues to grow.

In my opinion, that is what makes the Nine Corp Experience so special, and why people have the same hysterical glee when they encounter it for the first time. However, that reaction seems to be recreated upon every new release.

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Nine Speaks Out On Black History Month Representation


At a Awakening listening session, Nine Taurus spoke out on how he is not content on what has been promoted during Black History Month.

“I am not sure why they just focus on recent black history, like the last 200 years, but they do not speak about the Kush, Kemet, or Benin” Nine adds “Black history is over 5000 years old, so I don’t know why the focus is so small. So I will make it a point to widen the scope.”

Nine Taurus pointed out some of his lines from The Awakening.

The Awakening is available from every Nine Corper and you can here clips from the album by clicking here.

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Only Clips On YouTube They Got Low Pay/Views


After hearing the Outro of the 9Online Album Volume 4, it was mentioned out that 9Online gives the Nine Corporation higher pay/views than any alternative.

Nine Corporation has provided videos on YouTube in the past, but these are just clips and adverts. The official word from the Nine Corporation is that there will only be a provision for advertising material on video outlets outside of 9Online unless a special arrangement has been made.

It was also mentioned that the YouTube videos have done a very good job in directing new audiences to and 9Online, and there are plans to increase the number of videos on YouTube.

Click here to view the official Nine Corporation channel on YouTube.

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Ganigi’s Black History Month Releases


As it is Black History Month, we thought it would be appropriate to remind you where you can view past Ganigi collectors images that were released during previous Black History Months.

The collectors images showcased actual Caribbean heros from history. The images were hugely popular and helped to project the Ganigi franchise to it’s current status.

Click here to go to the Ganigi website at Nine Universe to see the collectors images.

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