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Remembering The Battle That Changed The Skies Comic Book


Back in 1999 the then Comic Kingdom ruled the Nine Corporation. Due to the Nine Music Crash, all music activities was at a stand still but there was a whole tsunamis worth of comic books filled the gap.

The comic book that stood out the most was Flip – The Battle That Changed The Skies. When it was released it generated a lot of hype and received large critical acclaim. It pretty much changed the perception of Nine Corp comics and the Flip Mythologies instantly, with it’s artwork and compelling story.

Prior to it’s release, the majority of the Flip stories were told on a single A4 comic strip and fans had to wait for an entire series to be completed before they could see the conclusion. However, with The Battle That Changed The Skies, it was the first time a full and epic Flip story as told.

The Nine Corp World at the time for this went crazy and multiple reading events were staged to meet the demands. The comic book reaffirmed Flip’s popularity as the Nine Corporation mascot.

You can view more information on The Battle That Changed The Skies on the Ninecorpedia page by clicking here.

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Explorer Intro On 9Online


The intro to the upcoming Nine Pictures show titled, Explorer, is now playing on 9Online. The intro initially played on 9Online in 2009, for those who can remember, but the production of the main show encountered many delays. This ultimately lead to the cancellation of the series, however, Nine Pictures stated that the first episode would get aired.

The show is scheduled to be released on 9Online at Spring Spark Up, which will take place in April.

Click here to watch the intro.