Monthly Archives: May 2018

Where Real Hip Hop Lives


With EDM dominating the charts, it is difficult to find Real Hip Hop these days. One place where you can find it for sure, is the Nine Corporation.

Times have changed however, back when From The Dirt Came Forth Bread was released, there was hardly any Real Hip Hop available. Nowadays, the Real Hip Hop community has blossomed, as long as you know where to look, you will not be disappointed.

Nine Taurus has stated that he would like you to look towards the Nine Corporation as a gateway to the Real Hip Hop world. A world where hear all the top Real Hip Hop artists through collaborations with the Nine Corporation, much like Planet Asia’s appearance on The Awakening.

Many artist compromise themselves at some point for money, or to fit in, however, Nine Taurus has vowed to ensure you do not get that from the Nine Corporation. Nine Corporation will be where Real Hip Hop lives.


Spring Spark Up Success Shell Shock


The reaction of some audiences to Spring Spark Up has been described as a Shell Shock. The debut Spring Spark Up weekend was a total success and drew a surge in web views and the content is still available on 9Online to enjoy.

Nine Corporation announced that a lot has been learnt and elements from Spring Spark Up will be incorporated in to future events.

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