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The 2018 Wonder Weekend Round Up


This year’s Wonder Weekend sees the Nine Corporation in its twenty second year of existing.

The Wonder weekend is the prime time for new Nine Corp music releases, which greatly and extensively benefits and rewards both the musical artists themselves and the company together.

The Wonder weekend of this year sees the releases of the brand new Nine Taurus rap song named ” Numbers “. The single is a great hit and it is currently the number one video on 9Online over taking the ” Spring spark up show “.

The visuals for the song are very impressive as well, with a great shot of a basketball match and clever effects that make the visual look like an old fashioned TV with a poor signal. As well, if you look closely at the visual you can see that Nine Taurus’ head has been added on to replace Michael Jordan’s head. A slam dunk move! Plus a really good touch at the end of the visual with the “ DIC “ logo. That takes one back to how Saturday morning cartoons would end, old school style.

A lyric from the song I personally love myself is ” While the world falls apart we do numbers “. The lyrical content in the song sees Nine Taurus talking about the modern day world and the modern day music scene. Passionately expressing his opinions honestly and with a witty sense of humour and as always, with the Nine Corp artists; straight to the point to the point no faking.

The rap song really grabs you with a lyrical flow that defines the tune and a beat to go with it that flows as naturally as a river.

The song ” Numbers ” is another great advertisement for Nine corporation and again letting the world know; that Nine Corp is still the best and only place for the hottest and most fresh real artists and real music.

Wonder weekend of 2018 also sees the release of the brand new Nine Universe character profile for Jack B Nesbit. Jack B Nesbit being the latest character in the Nine Universe from the the ” War Toons ” franchise that now has a profile available on the Nine Universe for people to explore and find out more about. Jack B Nesbit originally appeared as a tag team partner of ” Dirty Dan ” in War Toons episode two.

This year’s Wonder weekend sees 9Online more popular than ever. Still receiving a very high number of views from people who are; not surprisingly interested in the company. In fact this year’s Wonder Weekend has had the highest web views so far from those who want to find out more about the services it provides. Such as short movies, journalism, music videos, animation, video games and music all of the highest standard.

More great up to date news is that the brand new episode from the; Nine Pictures Remember series called ” Remember 2015 ” is out now on 9Online. It is the first episode of the series not to be released in January and the first that does not review the previous year.

Click here to go to the ” Jack B Nesbit ” profile.

Click here to go to ” Remember 2015 “.

Click here to go to hear Nine Taurus ” Numbers “

An article by Clarity.


Numbers Doing Numbers


The Wonder Weekend single by Nine Taurus, titled Numbers, is a hit. It is currently the number 1 video on 9Online overtaking the Spring Spark Up Show.

Many have praised the instrumental and accompanying visuals. It plays on nostalgia and high achieving basket ball numbers.

The song also became a talking point due to the content, with many claiming countless direct and indirect attacks being made on multiple parties. This makes Numbers the most controversial Wonder Weekend song to date.

Either way, Numbers has helped to make the 2018 Wonder Weekend one to remember.

Click here to go to the video.