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All Previous Christmas Song On 9Online


Chill With The Gods For Christmas and All I Want For Christmas Is You are now on 9Online. This completes the re-release of all previous Christmas songs for the Winter Wildness season.

Today, Nine Music has also announced that an all new Christmas song will be released on December 2nd only on 9Online.

Click here to hear to All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Click here to hear to Chill With The Gods For Christmas.


Black Friday Promotions


The Nine Corporation has announced great deals for Black Friday.

The following albums will be half price.

Nine Corporation has also announced that every Nine Corper will get double the Gems for every sale on Black Friday. They will even get double the Gems a full price product, even if it is on a half price promotion.

It is time to prepare for Black Friday.


Nine Corp Christmas On 9Online


The Nine Corp Christmas season has now started. Nine Corp Christmas, the Christmas Song by Nine Taurus and Z Canzer, is now back on 9Online.

The Nine Corporation is now naming the active Christmas season Winter Wildness. You should expect all of the previous Christmas themed releases to make a return during this time. An all new Christmas song will be released this year also.

Click here to hear Nine Corp Christmas.


Numbers Dissected


Nine Taurus’s hit controversial song, Numbers, continues to lead conversation in the Nine Corp World. It seemed like a very good idea to take a look at the content that is generating so much talk.

The first 2 things you notice about the song is the visuals and the instrumental. Both give of a stylist vintage feel. The intro, main visuals, and outro gives the listeners a tear jerking nostalgic experience, and plays reference to the magical dusty sound of the instrumental. The Pistons vs Nuggets clip and the clip about Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game.

Then the song starts with Nine dropping the now epic statement “as the world falls apart we do numbers” which raises a point, that many probably hadn’t realised until raised, that Nine Corp is rising even though the world seems to be falling into a concerning place. Many people claiming that the end is nigh will relate to this comment, especially if they are fans of the Nine Corporation. This is a bold statement and this theme continues throughout the song.

One of the lyrics that is being talked about a lot at the moment is, “Nine Corp future, mad cheese, cause we do number, prize P for the top Corper, will have this like the Champions league”. Many have speculated how Nine Corpers will begin to get a share of the advertising revenue, and this is perhaps the biggest hint. P is London slang for money and the Champions League that he is referring to is the European Football Champions League, which many see as the most lucrative club competition in football.

Many have speculated that Nine Taurus has been subtly been going at many people in this song. Most have suggested the targets are the major record labels, racists, old music peers, figures in world politics. Either way, Nine’s vocals weaves between speculated diss lyrics, to statements of status and things to come. From the lyrics “Hey nazi I’ll put a hit on you, have some old lady pull a tech out her nickers turn your ass into plant food” to “Used to chill with 4 other stars, now I’m the biggest star in the sky rays shining far”, the lyrical assault seems to happen effortlessly.

The energy of the song may have single handedly sparked a surge in Nine Corp activity during the second half of this year. Within two months of the release of Numbers, two more hit singles followed, and the Nine Corporation sprung to life, as though it wasn’t already. The chorus contains hilariously controversial ad libs, which perfectly completes the rebuke of urban pop culture and current far right rising in the world. It sings of triumph, strength, and independence, and has been received like a long awaited meal for a starving family.

However it is taken, Numbers has already proved that it is one of the most significant modern Nine Music songs, and probably of all time. In years to come, people will definitely be talking about this song.

Click hear to go to the song and cover video on 9Online.

An article by Brad Lo.

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